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Becky Jamison
  • Female
  • Canon City, CO
  • United States
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'Grace and Glory' Blog

“It is Well with my Soul” for my mother and step-father

The song "It Is Well With My Soul" was written by the successful Christian lawyer Horatio Gates Spafford. His only son died at age 4 in 1871. In 1872, the great Chicago fire wiped out his vast estate, made from a successful legal career. In 1873 he sent his wife & 4 daughters over to Europe on a summer trip on the ill-fated SS Ville du Havre. Since he had a lot of work to do, he planned to follow them later. The Ship sank and he lost his 4 daughters with the wife being the only survivor. She sent him a famous telegram which simply read, "SAVED ALONE...." On his return home, his Law firm was burned down and the insurance company refused to pay him. They said "It's an Act of God". He had no money to pay for his house and no work, he also lost his house. Then while sitting and thinking what's happening to him, being a spiritual person, he wrote a song - "Whatever, my Lord, You have taught me to say - It is well, it is well with my soul". (Shared by Claude Schroeder on Facebook, June 18, 2018)
In doing further research on the ancestry of H. G. Spafford, I noticed a common ancestor with my step-father Donald Lee Craine. This chart shows that cousin connection.

My mother and stepfather, pictured below, would be happy to see this cousin connection. They surely both sang this song, as they sang many duets in their Baptist church throughout their marriage. I can imagine my mother, Ruby Flanders Craine, playing this by ear on the piano, as her talent allowed her to do so often.
Ruby & Don

Dad’s Cousin married Mom’s Cousin

Today my dear cousin Kate Keller brought to my attention the fact that my father’s cousin, Leroy Stieben had married my mother’s cousin, Juanita Grace Strait. Such a relationship has occurred many times in families, but I find it so fascinating simply because of the relationship between my father’s and mother’s families. I’m sure the relationship was congenial from 1942-1949. But late in 1949 my father and mother divorced, when my twin brother and I were 2 years old. The families became very estranged and from the time I have childhood memories, in 1950-1, there was no communication between the families at all, other than our 10 years of childhood court-ordered visits with our mother. The ancestry was quite different in my mother’s and father’s families, too. My dad’s grandparents were both immigrants from Russia, with German origin. My mother’s grandparents were of German ancestry and early New England residents who had immigrated from Belgium. There seemed to me to be quite a difference in ethnicity and background. And yet here we see that Dad’s cousin married my mother’s cousin.

Thank you, Kate, for bringing this to my attention. I’ve probably noticed this in years past, but the connection had escaped my mind! I think this is cool!

The Stiebens, Straits, and Margheims are getting my attention

I recently received a message from my genealogist cousin Kate Keller, letting me know one of her cousins on my mother’s side was married to one of my cousins on my father’s side. I was grateful for her lead and promptly drew up this chart showing the connections she referred to.
Becky Margheim to Strait_Stieben1
Since I’m “Mary Rebecca Margheim” in this chart, you can see that Leroy Stieben, my dad’s 5th cousin, was married to Juanita Grace Strait, who was my mother’s 2nd cousin one generation removed. I wrote a blog post about this here:
As I filed this chart in my laptop, I noticed that I already had a chart showing this connection! I looked at my blog postings and noticed that I had written a story about this connection back in October 2012! This is the chart I composed at that time.
Becky Margheim to Strait_Stieben2
Two days ago on Facebook, I awakened to this Memory that Facebook shared with me from 2014.
Margheim with Stieben
This is the photo I have in my collection:
Johann Friedrich ("Fred) and Katherina ("Katy") Elisabeth (Deines) Margheim; children (not as pictured) Alma (1900), Edwin (1902), Emil (1904), Elizabeth (1906), Hannah (1908), Isabel (1910), Sieghard (1911-1911), Elsie (1914), Rachel (1918), Viola (1920)
And this is the image of the back side of the photo:

Fred Margheim photo back 20140702133836_00001 typed
I’m grateful that my dad typed this information after interviewing Mrs. Emanuel Flagler. If he hadn’t taken advantage of the opportunity to do that, I’d have no way of ever knowing who this beautiful photograph represented! Notice that Elizabeth Margheim is listed and noted that she married Henry Stieben. So 4 years after I posted this picture on Facebook, I’m again, just this week, reminded of the Stieben Margheim connection that my cousin Kate referred to a few days ago.
A few days ago I received a notification of “Hints” available for my tree at I only had time to review the Photo Hints, noticing that among them was this picture of Elizabeth Margheim, wife of Henry Stieben.
Elizabeth Margheim Stieben
Now this morning I awoke to an email from notifying me of available hints for Leroy Henry Stieben!
Ancestry Hint Leroy Stieben
So in this past week,  (1) I was reminded by Kate Keller of the family connection, (2) I developed a new chart and wrote a new blog post about his connection, then (3) discovered that 4 years ago I’d prepared a chart and wrote a blog post about the same discovery. Then (4) Facebook reminded me of the photo and blog post I’d written 4 years ago with my dad’s photo and description, (5) this week Ancestry offered photo hints and I found Elizabeth Margheim Stieben listed, and (6) this morning Ancestry displays front and center in my email that I have hints to pursue for Elizabeth’s son Leroy Stieben! I think the Stieben, Margheim and Strait families are trying to get my attention. I need to follow up on all the hints available at Ancestry and see what else is waiting for me to discover!

Becky Jamison's Page

Profile Information

What surnames are you interested in researching?
Margheim, Koleber, Flanders, Becker, Strait, McMillan, Jamison, Haught, Roberts, King, Bell, Dale, Dietz, Jones, Smith, Marker, Hardin
What countries and other locations are you interested in researching?
Germany, United States,
What is your level of genealogy knowledge?
Intermediate Family History Researcher
For what reason did you start genealogy research?
I started genealogy research to continue work done previously by family members. I wanted to know who my ancestors were and to learn their stories!
Do you have a genealogy website or blog?

Gramma's House: My Personal Life Blog

Besides my genealogy blog "Grace and Glory", which you can see at left, I write a blog focusing on my family and my personal life. You're welcome to come and visit me at "Gramma's House"

I've also posted my family photo albums at Picasa Web. You're welcome to take a look.

"We live as long as we're remembered"! (Russian proverb)

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At 12:49pm on March 26, 2011, Sherry Hightower gave Becky Jamison a gift
Hope you are having a great year so far! Please accept this little ribbon as my way of saying, while I may not visit GW much these days, I have not forgotten.
At 9:51am on August 25, 2010, Dee Shelton said…
My friend live in Cannon City CO. Her name is Patty Meigs. She is also addicted to Genealogy lol
At 6:56pm on July 31, 2010, Dee Shelton said…
Hi Becky;
I am glad to find someone else researching the Roberts family. You are my second Genealogy friend in Cannon City CO. Pat and I discovered that we are also cousins linked through my Allen family.

I will be very happy if you will accept me as your friend. I live in NC.

Thank you,

Dee Shelton
At 3:33pm on August 22, 2009, Monica Palmer said…
Hi Becky! I was excited to see someone else from Colorado! I've been to the main branch of Denver Public Library and looked at some of their resources... do you have any other suggestions for research in Colorado? Unfortunately, my ancestors are not from here. Mainly Ohio and California.
At 2:11pm on July 21, 2009, Kathryn Keller said…
Hey Becky. I just read your article in the World Vital Records Newsletter. Nice article.
At 2:56pm on July 13, 2009, Judith Richards Shubert said…
Hi there, Becky. Looks like this will be a pretty active site with a lot of positive results. Thanks for finding me.
At 10:51pm on July 11, 2009, Sherry Hightower said…
Becky..just saved this image to the computer. I'll work on it tomorrow
At 6:14pm on July 10, 2009, Carolyn Dunlap Franklin said…
Hi Becky!! This new site looks awsome!! I'm so glad we are friends! :)
At 7:08pm on July 8, 2009, Jeanie DiLeonardo said…
Becky, thank you for the friend request - I just learned about GenealogyWise minutes before I signed up, and to already get a friend request makes me feel welcome.
At 4:12pm on July 8, 2009, Jennifer Eklund, PLCGS said…
Thank you Becky for the friend request. :)




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