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What Germanic surnames are you researching (Please list Surname - area and time frame)

My German family surname is Bonstein The oldest Bonstein Ancestor of mine recorded in my file is Cuntz Bonnstein and his wife Gela. They were married before 1630 and lived in the town of Ropperhousen, in the Principality of Hesse-Kassel (a principality in northern Hesse) in what was know as the Holy Roman Empire.

Copied verbatim from

The Holy Roman Empire of the German Nation (German: Heiliges Römisches Reich Deutscher Nation listen ▶ (help·info), Latin Sacrum Romanum Imperium Nationis Germanicae, see names and designations of the empire) was a political conglomeration of lands in Central Europe in the Middle Ages and the early modern period. Emerging from the eastern part of the Frankish realm after its division in the Treaty of Verdun (843), it lasted almost a millennium until its dissolution in 1806. By the 18th century, it still consisted of the larger part of modern Germany, the Czech Republic, Austria, Liechtenstein, Slovenia, Belgium, and Luxembourg, as well as large parts of modern Poland and small parts of the Netherlands. Previously, it had included all of the Netherlands and Switzerland, and parts of modern France and Italy (see: Maps below). In the 18th century, when the Empire was already in decline, Voltaire ridiculed its nomenclature by saying that the Holy Roman Empire was "neither Holy, nor Roman, nor an Empire".

It was never a nation state. Despite the German ethnicity of most of its rulers and subjects, from the very beginning many ethnicities constituted the Holy Roman Empire. Many of its most important noble families and appointed officials came from outside the German-speaking communities. At the height of the empire it contained most of the territory of today's Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Belgium, the Netherlands, Luxembourg, Czech Republic and Slovenia, as well as eastern France, northern Italy and western Poland. Its languages thus comprised not only German and its many dialects and derivatives, but many Slavic languages and the languages which became modern French, Dutch and Italian. Furthermore, its division into territories ruled by numerous secular and ecclesiastical princes, prelates, counts, imperial knights, and free cities made it, in the early modern period at least, far less cohesive than the emerging modern states around it.
However, during most of its time it was more than a mere confederation. The concept of the Reich not only included the government of a specific territory, but had strong Christian religious connotations (hence the holy prefix). Until 1508, German Kings were not considered Emperors of the Reich until the Pope had formally crowned them as such.
The Reich can thus best be described as a cross between a state and a religious confederation
For more information see:

My family moves forward to 1776 and the American Revolutionary War. Laurentius (Lorenz) Bonstein (Johann Paulus (Paul)5, Christian4, Henning3, Cuntz2, First name unknown1) was born February 5, 1716 in Grossropperhausen, Cassel, Germany and his wife Hedwig Lingemann have to give up two son to the standing Army of Frederick II, Landgrave of Hesse-Kassel.

Paulus Bonnstein and his younger brother my ancestor Johann Jacob (I) Bonstein.

Jacob stayed here and Paulus went home to Hesse-Kassell and family after the war.

If your interested we can exchange information

Thank you for reading

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I ran the name thru the IGI because I've found my ancestors from Prussia in there:
here's a possibility:

12. HEINRICH WILHELM TIGGES - International Genealogical Index
Gender: Male Christening: 18 NOV 1846 Roemisch-Katholisch, Steinheim, Westfalen, Preussen

there are alot of that surname in that area, worth checking out if you haven't as yet.
Thank you, Lisa. I've been slowly working my way through the FamilySearch list, which has grown substantially since I last seriously researched this man. I have so few clues and so many Henrys born in the same timeframe. The Lippe section of Germany, southwest of Hannover, seems to have an abundance of them, but that does not synch with either of the two immigration list entries that I have seen. I'll keep plugging away.... I wish he had been as open and informative as his father-in-law, and I wish I could find his marriage record and a birth record for his daughter who was apparently born in New York. He just seems to be one who melted into the crowd....

(Sorry for my delayed response. I didn't see your comment until now.)

Best regards,
I am tracing Rury's that came from Germany or at the time was called Kingdom of Hannover. I am not sure that the German name was spelled that way as there doesn't seem to be anyone there with that name.

If I had to guess the name was probably Ruräde as the immigrants spoke German, but didn't write. Phonetically the German sound and character ä as in Ruräde, is often changed to ae in English or just a or just e). The d is silent in German, so sounds like Rury when pronounced and written that way or Rurey, Rurah, Rurede.

Frederich Rury (b 22 Jan 1824 Hanover, Preussen immigrated to U.S. from Hanover in 1838. IL Land Patent lists name as Rurede. He was the first and eldest son of Frederick and Mary (Braithaupt) Rury who emigrated in 1839 on ship out of Bremen, Germany (name listed as Rurah). The second oldest son Henry C. Rury (b Oct 1827 Germany) immigrated next in 1841 with youngest son William (b 7 Sep, 1837 Germany) and naturalized at Eastern District, Louisiana on 30 Dec 1841. All the Rury's eventually came up the Mississippi river to Randolph County, IL as early as 1840. Little info is available for the 3 daughters Mary, Henrietta, Doreatha.

1839 Ship out of Bremen, Germany as Rurah
1848 Land Patent as Frederick Jr Rurede
1860 Will Frederick Rury Sr as Rhurede (once), Ruhrede (multiple times) including 1874 probate records.

Found a Joseph Rury born in Baden, Germany abt 1860, but shows up in Maidstone, England on 1881 UK Census.

2 Rurade's immigrated to US in 1865. Ruraede (in German written Ruräde) immigrated to Australia 1868 they also spelled it Rurade and Rurede. There are 7 Rurade's in Florida, 1 in Michigan and 1 in NJ. Rurede is not a common name. Two people with name Rurede immigrated to US in 1874, from Bremen, Germany and Southampton, England.

The Illinois Rury's came from Hannover (German)/Hanover (English) Region. Here is the history of this region.
(1714-1837) Kingdom of Hannover personal union with United Kingdom of Great Britain
(1837-1866) Kingdom of Hannover sovereign state of Germany
(1866-1871) Annexed by Prussia
(1871-1918) Hannover State in Prussian Kingdom of German Empire
(1918-1947) Hannover Precinct in Free State of Prussia
(1947-XXXX) Hannover district in Lower Saxony State of Germany
(1815-1866) Hannover was not part of German Confederation.

Unusual name, indeed! FamilySearch shows only one, Johann Friedrich Ruraede, b. 17 Sep 1798, Menningenhausen, Sulingen, Hannover, Prussia. This location is actually Menninghausen, now a part of the municipality of Sudwalde; Sulingen proper is not far to the south. Johann's parents were Conrad Rohlfs and Gesche Margaretha Rurode. Johann married Margaretha Mette Kastens 9 Jan 1824 in Sudwalde; Mette is a Danish given name. One child listed, Dorothea Maria Margaretha Rurode, b. 15 Jul 1827 in Menninghausen.

The German phone book has only six, five of them with addresses. They're all in and around Bremen. Email me at and I'll send you the listings. shows a Ruraede emigrating from Germany to Australia in 1867; looks like there's quite a clan there.

Stuttgart, Germany
I'm studying Maisch, they lived in Hanau, Hesse, from what I understand. (arriving between 1849-1856)
Golze-I don't know where they came from(arriving in 1850s)
Jakob-I believe my line came from Carlsbad, Austria(arriving circa late 1800s)
Looking for THAM / THAMM (specifically) > Wormditt & Kalkstein, E. Prussia (so far) have my line back to 1600's (possibly 1500's thus far via IGI, so far the info has been correct with church records I've researched.
One thing I'd love help on is my ancestor & brother immigrated in 1850's? and 1860's to NY. How can I find family that was still in Prussia since that time or where they may have gone to? I know that Wormditt became Orneta,POL, I have found no Thamm's in POL as yet, and the IGI only covers so many years as do the church books. Any ideas out there?? Someone must have more expertise than I in this area of research. I had read online somewhere of a source showing towns that took in the people from towns that became POL, etc.
I am researching the HUND and the MERKEL surnames. Earliest confirmed ancestor is Charles (Karl) D. HUND b. December 1822 in Nussbach, Baden-Wurttemberg - He married Susanne MERKEL (b.1824 in Auerbach, Hesse-Darmstadt) in Louisville, KY in 1856. They remained in Louisville until their deaths. Possible brothers or cousins of Charles HUND include Anton and Bernard HUND. Anton and Bernard were definitely brothers to one another, have been connected to the revolution in 1849 in the Nussbach area, and did live in Louisville at the time of the Civil War. They were members of the famous "Boys Who Feared No Noise" - the Kentucky 6th Infantry. Bernard HUND sent battlefield correspondence to the Louisville Anzeiger (the local German newspaper.) Anton was wounded in the leg during one battle and died several months later from complications. Bernard reported his brother's injury to the Louisville Anzeiger, at the time believing his brother would survive the injury. Another possible relative is Ignatius (aka "Ignatz") HUND. Susanna also has possible siblings or cousins: Peter MERKEL, who was the proprietor of a neighborhood German pub in Louisville and was one of Charles HUND's best friends. The two of them were together when they were attacked by a "Know Nothing" mob on "Bloody Monday" in Louisville and left for dead. They both survived the attack. Christian MERKEL also lived in the Greater Louisville area and is of an age that could make him a brother to Susanna. Susanna was listed as traveling with a woman named "Christine STROSSINGER" when she came over from Germany. There has been some speculation that this Christine STROSSINGER may actually have been Christian MERKEL disguised as a woman to smuggle him out of the country. Charles and Susanna did name one of their daughters "Christine"
Great Grandfather Ludwig “Louis” Staude, born in Oberkaufungen, Hesse-Cassell and emigrated to Pittsburg, PA, arriving in Baltimore, MD 4 June 1883. Up to 10 generations of some of his ancestral lines lived in Oberkaufungen. I have transcribed the Oberkaufungen Church Records from 1573 to 1800 and plan of doing so for all the 1800s. The lines I am most interested in are those that came to Oberkaufungen (OK,HC, in list below) after 1573.

1. Johann Heinrich Riemann: born about 1721, died 17 Mar 1785 (OK,HC)

2. Johannes Trebing: born about 1723, died 17 Dec 1790 (OK,HC)

3. Leonhard Briebach (Viebach): Married 29 Dec 1717 (OK,HC)

4. Anna Elisabeth Braun: Married 23 Sep 1742 (OK,HC)

5. Anna Maria Ifert: Married 3 Jan 1725 (OK,HC)

6. Catharina Vienbach: Married 12 Aug 1696 (OK,HC)

7. Stephan Fiedrich Ehrenhausen: Married 4 Jan 1715 (OK,HC)

8. Johannes Raabe: Married 21 Jan 1681 (OK,HC)

9. Hans Jacob Kleiber: Married 1 Nov 1642 (OK,HC)

10 Jost Keyser: 25 Oct 1602 (OK,HC)

Ludwig married Lena Fritsch. Lena said that she was born in Essen, that her father’s name was William, that he worked in a railroad yard, and that her birthday was 22 March 1870. I know nothing more about her family.

Christopher von Glahn was born in Wollingst, Hanover, 24 September, 1824. Parents: Friedrich Wilhelm von Glahn (1763-1855) and Anna Rebecka Wrede Buttelmann (1794-1834). He emigrated to America in 1844. Family story has it that he was escaping the draft, but I cannot prove that. He may have had a brother, Heinrich/Henry, who also emigrated. He worked as a grocer in New York, and married Catherine Boeschen (1827-1911) also of Hanover. Her parents were Heinrich Boeschen and Catherine W. Muelher/Muhler.

Christopher, Catherine and their first child, Katherine, moved to California, via the Isthmus of Panama, in 1855. They settled in San Joaquin County, where he lived the rest of his life as a rancher, becoming locally prominent. He died in February, 1896, leaving a ranch of 640 acres.

I am seeking to communicate with other descendants to exchange information, and to find out more about the parents and ancestors of the von Glahn, Buttelmann, Muelher, and Boeschen lines. I do not read or speak German.

(Another family story has it that the von Glahns in Germany included a well-known violinist, but I cannot confirm that either. I cannot even find such a violinist.)

I am researching TRAUTMANN from Ober-Kainsbach, Reichelsheim, Hessen-Darmstadt beginning with Johannes TRAUTMANN born about 1827. He married Katharina Margaretha (?) about 1855. Johannes, Katharina and children arrived in NY on the SS Hermann on 11 March, 1872. In the manifest a Conrad WEBER was listed right after this family and he is found again living in the widowed Katharina's (and children's) household in 1800 Pekin, Tazewell County, Illinois. Johannes died in Illinois between 1872-1880. Their children were:
1. Margaretha, b. 15 Mar. 1856 Ober-Kainsbach, Reichelsheim, Hessen-Darmstadt, married Johann Leonhard RIPPER on 22 Jan. 1880 Pekin County, ILL. Margaretha died in Wayne County, IA on 10 April, 1885. They had 2 sons: Johann Frederick and Johann Leonhard
2. Peter, (my gg-grandfather) b. 1859 Ober-Kainsbach, Reichelsheim, Hessen-Darmstadt, married Juliane FEICK abt. 1889 Pekin, Tazewell County, ILL. "Julie" was born on May 1869 in Wersau, Starkenburg, Hessenn-Darmstadt to Georg Heinrich FEICK and Anna Catharine MADE/MADEN. Peter and Julie moved the family to Knox County, NE by 1897 where 2 of their children were born. Then family moved again to McLean County, ND by 1903 (both Peter and Julie filed a Declaration for Naturalization 1903 and 1906) in same county. Peter died between 1905-1907 and Julie married 2nd Anton LOVO by 1910. She moved to East St. Louis, Illinois where she lived with her married daughter Margaret "Gretchen" GANNON (Jos. Patrick) and is enumerated there in the 1930 Census. She died 22 May, 1930 and was buried in St. Louis, MO where 2 of her brothers and other family members were buried (Park Lawn Cem.).
Georg Heinrich immigrated to the US in 1884 and from St. Louis, MO the family moved to Plainview, Pierce County, NE near the border of Knox County. All of their children were born in Wersau, Germany bet. 1856-1873:
1. Johann Philip 2. Chrisina 3. Wilhelm 4. Margaretha "Gretchen" 5. Adam 6. Juliane Margaretha 7. Anna Margaretha

(Trautmann cont.)
3. Adam b. 1863
4. Elisabetha "Elizabeth", b. 1864, married Carl HEILMANN on 19 Aug. 1886 Pekin, Tazewell County, ILL. They had: 1. Mathilda 2. William Adam 3. Hattie E. 4. Florence E. 5. Arthur

Also researching John COSPER born about 1745 m. Martha BIDDLE 12 February, 1781 Morris County, NJ. John served in the Revolutionary War. He died 23 Jan. 1820 in Derry Twp., Northumberland County, PA. His father Johan Peder KASPER came from Germany on the Samuel and Elizabeth in 1740.
John and Martha had 10 children in all born between 1783 and 1799 in New Jersey. I descend from their son David, b. 01 June, 1783. He served in the War of 1812. David married Elizabeth ERWAY (Erbe) abt. 1802 in Tompkins County, NY and died 27 June, 1829 in DeKalb County, Indiana. David and son Charles moved to DeKalb County, Indiana in 1844. I descend from son Charles COSPER and Lucretia WEEKS

My Knaus ancestors migrated in the 1850s from Harthausen auf der Scher (about 30 mi south of Stuttgart); Gerhard ancestors migrated about the same time from the area around Limburg (20-25 NW of Frankfurt), and are well researched. I'm still trying to figure out the Baker, Justen, and Gaetz (also noted being from Poland in some census reports).
I am interested in the HEUER families Bergholz, Prussia, 19th Century and earlier.

Johannis/ Johan Heuer b. c1820, a carpenter from Bergholz, Prussia went to South Africa in 1858/9. Any references or connections will be appreciated.

Colin Garvie



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