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I've lived in Maryland all my life, but most of my family comes from New York or New Jersey. My mom died in 1990 and it fell to me to collect up all the genealogical information she collected. Then my dad died in 1994, and it fell to me to collect up all his stuff, too. I figured I'd just organize everything so my kids and nieces would have it if they ever wanted it.

Then I hit the proverbial brick wall. My great-great-great-grandfather, Cornelison Tallman, doesn't show up in many public records. I think I have him, but it would be great to have some record proving he's who I think he is. Tracking him down has become a real quest. There there's my great-grandfather, John A. Pullen. My great-grandmother died giving birth to my grandmother. John left his kids with another family so he could leave to look for work. He never returned. I'd love to track him down.

So now, this is far more than a project just so my kids know about their ancestors. I've got a few questions I want answered myself.
Hi Doug,
I wante dto inquire as to the area of MD you live. you see, i've got a brick wall that I've been trying to track down something about my David Palmer of Baltimore, MD, & his brother, Henry W. Palmer, & their parents are Ann Palmer & Wm. Palmer. I managed to get another family that seems to connect some of the same names, & connected to my hometown of Eastern OH, but haven't been able to figure things out about these two families as yet, & have been trying to figure out the info that might be over the internet to consume, & wanted to know if you can give me some tips.
I am from West Michigan with Dutch ancestors on father's paternal side, New England ancestors going back to the Pilgrims on my father's maternal side, Scottish ancestors (via Canada) on my mother's paternal side, and Irish immigrants to CT on my mother's maternal side. I have been researching my family for about 4-5 years and last year discovered that my across the street neighbor was my fourth cousin! The surnames I am researching are VandenBosch, Benjaminse, Decker, McNabb, Cameron, Ryan, Monahan, Blakeslee, McCarthy, Southworth, Carr, Whitman, Standish.

My name is Caren and altho I basically grew up listening to stories of my ancestors I didn't get into it till 2001. Im not a professional genealogist but I do help people with their family history (and have gained new cousins in the process *lol*). My grandparents tho are professional genealogists and my grandfather works on the LDS genealogy site,

I currently live in Washington State but was raised mostly in Germany (I've also lived in Texas, South Carolina, New York, and Utah*where I was born*).

Currently Im researching the Clan Carr/Car/Kerr/Ker lines. Other names on my tree is Jackman, Parshall, French, Huettel/Huttel, Reid/Read/Reed, MacDonald, Graham (both Ireland and Scotland), Campbell, Peck, Pace, Olson, Muller, Taylor, Horton, and Ivins. I've got tons of others tho. I have placed my family tree online. It's not complete (thousands of more names to add) but tree really is ever complete:
Hi Caren, I am also searching for my Great Grandmother Elizabeth (Lynch) Graham,,I know she was born ant 18721796 poss.Belfast Co.Antrim Ireland,I am looking for a connection, she married Henry (Heinrich Martensen)Martinson,born 1870,Denmark,,His fatheris Karl Jensen Martensen and mother Anna Matilda Petersen,Henry had a brother Cornelius,,Henry came to America with his dad when his dad left his mom,Cornelius came to America w/the mother,Anna,she divorced Karl and married some else, and,I c lived and died in the midwest. Its Elizabeth Graham I am having the trouble with..could Graham be Scottish- Irish?,My Aunts keep telling me she is from Dublin Ireland,I think she came to America around 1885-1890's,,I had just recently found my grandfather,,I was told his name was Dennis,but so Happy when I found the truth,and its Henry,any leads would be great,somewhere I can look? Virginia L.

I've been actively researching my ancestors for the past 15 years, and am currently trying to take them back to their European place(s) of origin. They arrived in America between 1650 and 1750. So far I've only been able to trace one family to Germany. I can read some German church records with difficulity, taught genealogy and Legacy classes, and currently preparing a 12 week Basic Genealogy class for the Renaissance Society at California State University, Sacramento, CA.

My current research is in New Jersey for ancestors who arrived there between 1650 and 1700. One family came to West Jersey about 1680, and the other settled in Monouth County, East Jersey about 1660.

I'm retired from NASA at Ames Research Center, Mountain View, CA in 2001, and am more busy now than ever before..
Are you living in NJ or in CA? I live in Monmouth County, and while I'm very busy with 4 kids and working and all, if you need some help or someone to take a picture of a cemetery or gravestone, let me know. I could probably find some time to help you out. I grew up in a family of fanatical genealogists and historians, and found that some of my ancestors came from this very historical area.

June Sallee-jackson
Isn't that busy part the truth? And isn't it great?

Carol Byers said:

I'm retired from NASA at Ames Research Center, Mountain View, CA in 2001, and am more busy now than ever before..
Hi, I am Henriellen S. Kibler. My friends call me Henri. I am 78 years old and was born in Sanger, Fayette County, West Virginia during a snow storm. I was raised by my mothers sister Aunt Pearle Warren Stickler and her husband Merton Harvey Stickler. I had and older brother and two older sisters but I was an only child. So I had the best of two worlds. I met my husband Dave Kibler when I went to Stephens College in Columbia, Missouri. He was in the NROTC program at the University of Missouri and he was my first blind date (and my last). We got married in 1952 and he went on active duty with the Navy in 1953 and was stationed in San Diego, California. They called it preferred sea duty. We have 4 boys. Two born in Columbia, Missouri, one in West Virginia and one in Salt Lake City, Utah. Now three are married so I have 3 daughter-in-laws and 8 granddaughters and 3 grandsons, and 3 great grandsons and 2 great granddaughters.
I have quilted everybody a quilt except the great grand children. I am working on them now.
My database online will have 126,500 names on it when I get it updated this month. The name of my database is: Dave and Henri's Tree of Many Branches. It is on Roots Web. I hope to get one of my granddaughters to help me built a web site.
I live in Huntsville, Alabama, the Rocket City of the World. My husband was in the Space and Rocket business for 30 some years. He is now reitred. We have lived in Huntsville since 1965.

I came, I saw, I copied.
My name is Carol Vannoy. I have been researching both my family and my husbands for the past two years. Most of my family is in North Carolina. The ancestors are mostly from England, Ireland and Scotland with a few thrown in from other countries.

The surnames are I am looking for are:

Prevette..there are different spellings
Carpenter.. mainly my grandmother Etta Lee Carpenter. That's the only info I have as she passed away in the early 20's here in NC from what I have been told.
Hi everyone. I've been formally doing genealogy research for about 10 years now, although I was always curious and asking questions as a child, and continued to do so into adulthood. Unfortunately, I come from a family with very disjointed lines on both sides, so things haven't been easy. However, I've been blessed to have traced my Yarborough family back to my GG Grandparents, who were slaves; my Dunstan line (free blacks) to the late 1700's, and my Green/Greene line back to my grandmother's grandmother, who apparently was a runaway from either Virginia or Tennessee, and was originally owned by Perkinses. I'm facing several brick walls right now, but I'm hoping that participation in the network might be helpful to me, as well as perhaps allow me to be a blessing to someone else. :)

Oh, I've also made contributions to the larger genealogical research community by transcribing records (keying) for the Ancestry World Archives Project (several projects, but keying the Slaveship Manifests from the Port of New Orleans was by far the most impacting for me), making submissions to the Cemetery Census and other Cemetery sites for Franklin County Cemeteries, and as a member of Find-A-Graves. I also do look-ups for friends, and try to do so for others when time allows.

I would love to hear from anyone at all who has roots in Franklin County, NC, or who might have connections to my family lines - Green(e), Yaroborough, or Dunstan.
Hello All, I found GenealogyWise after seeing it mentioned by the Guild of One Name Studies. It looks interesting and potentially very useful indeed!

Me, with a fairly unusual surname I couldn't help but be curious about my ancestry when I was a lean and spotty teenager. An undislosed number of years (possibly decades) later I've expanded my interest to include all occurrences of my surname. This is partly due to the fact my own KISBY ancestors were of modest means, being farm labourers, and the records run thin before the 1800's. And my own KISBY rellies do not share my interest!

In contrast my mother's family were extremely wealthy, leaving many records and photos, but had an extremely common surname, argh!

Currently researching: KISBY, KISBEE, KISBEY



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