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Becky Jamison
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  • Canon City, CO
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'Grace and Glory' Blog

Discovering another family CONNECTION to my Husband

One of my greatest joys in researching my family's history is discovering Connections. I may not be directly related to certain individuals, but if I can find a family connection, I'm happy!

Since I'm newly married to William Thompson, I've been adding some of his family's ancestry into the Family Tree at FamilySearch. And in adding family names from FamilySearch into my RootsMagic database, I've had the opportunity to discover NAMES and PLACES of his relatives. When I see names that are familiar in MY family, lights go on in my head and I start studying any connections.
I traced a connection that I discovered, so I prepared the chart above. You'll see me (Mary R Margheim Thompson) at the bottom left and you can see the connection of our families over to my husband, William Thompson at the bottom right. In the text below the chart, I explain: "William Thompson's cousin Jessie Lane was married to Robert Schneider. Robert's brother Albert Schneider was married to Olinda Michaelis, whose cousin John Frederick Michaelis was married to my grandaunt Eva Margheim."

I find it significant simply because my husband, who was born and raised in California, has a connection to my family, who were early Kansas residents. Who would have ever guessed this possibility!

Keeping our Family’s History Relevant: A Quick Review of My Recent Presentation

2017-10-30 14.27.35 Earlier this week I was invited to present a program to a ladies’ group at the church where I’m employed. I had a year to prepare, and used every bit of it! I set up a Trello board (one of my FAVORITE apps) and added content to it as I came across appropriate material. Then last month I put the Presentation together and packed up the items I planned to display. I wanted to create the atmosphere of Family History so I displayed many of the “heirlooms” I own. Here are some pictures of my displays.

2017-10-30 10.13.52 2017-10-30 10.14.01 2017-10-30 10.14.05 2017-10-30 10.14.10 2017-10-30 10.14.13 2017-10-30 10.14.18 2017-10-30 10.15.09 2017-10-30 12.38.10 2017-10-30 12.38.39
I made table centerpieces with my Dad’s old books, topped by a pair of my baby shoes. One group was Bibles, one was high school yearbooks, another was German Lutheran books and the other table had school books on it.
2017-10-30 10.15.01 2017-10-30 10.14.37 2017-10-30 10.14.45 2017-10-30 10.14.54
The Hostesses of the group meeting also decorated the tables in Halloween style, since the meeting was held on Oct 30.
2017-10-30 12.38.19
Here’s a portion of my presentation:
Handout Booklet Cover
I’m calling this presentation “Keeping my Family’s History Relevant” for a couple of reasons.
1. The word Genealogy is often used to describe the study of our Family History. I learned in Jr High that ‘ology’ at the end of any word meant “The Study Of” so we could interpret “Genealogy” as the study of our Genes. That’s growing in popularity today with the advances in genetic testing through our DNA. But that’s not what I’m talking about. And to call it Family History implies the connotation of HISTORY, which often turns people off. So I refer to it as my Family’s History, so then it’s about my family.
2. The word Relevant is defined as “of Contemporary Interest”. The facts and stories of my ancestors make up my Family’s History. I want my family’s history, their past, their story, to be of interest to those in my family today. I want my grandchildren to know who my grandparents were. Think about this. I’m a grandparent. I know who my parents were. I know who my grandparents were. It just happens that my paternal grandparents, my Dad’s parents, played a significant part in my early life. When my twin brother & I were just 2 years old, our mother chose to leave her marriage and start a new life with someone else. When she drove away, she took the only transportation Dad had to get to work, so he moved with my brother & I to his parents’ home 10 miles away. They allowed him to drive their car to his workplace and they gave us a HOME. In 1951 Dad remarried and in 1952 we moved back to the home we originally lived in. But those 3 years we lived with our grandparents, from age 2-5 were very formative years. The home was stable and our grandparents were very loving to us. I became very close to my “Grandma and Grandpa Margheim”.Mollie (Mrs. John) Margheim with grandchildren, twins Mary Rebecca
Easter Sunday, abt 1952 in Hoisington, KS with Grandma and Grandpa Margheim
I know and love my children and my grandchildren. And I want them to understand the
effect my grandparents had on forming who I am today. I’m right in the middle of those 5 generations of Family. But those 5 generations can span a time frame of 100 years. My grandfather was born March 15, 1900 and my granddaughter was born exactly 100 years later, on March 16, 2000!
When I’m gone, if I haven’t told my children about my grandparents, they won’t be able to pass that information on to their children. And what my grandchildren will know of their ancestors will only consist of their parents and grandparents. Just 3 generations! It has been said it takes only three generations to lose oral family histories. We are the connecting link between our grandchildren and our grandparents. If I want my children and grandchildren to know those who still live in my memory, then I must build the bridge between them. Objects, keepsakes, and artifacts can build those bridges in tangible, accessible ways that will make the memories feel more real to younger generations. There’s not just a story to tell or a photograph to look at, there’s a rocking horse, a silver spoon, a typewriter, or a quilt that can bring the stories to life. My grandchildren will have no knowledge of their family’s history if I do nothing to preserve it for them. That which I don’t in some way record will be lost at my death. That which I don’t pass on to my posterity, they’ll never have.
Family history isn’t just about looking at the past. It’s also celebrating and preserving the present for generations to come. After all, your adventures today are the family history of your descendants tomorrow! And no one can tell my story better than I can!
Research indicates that the more children know about their forebears—where they grew up, illnesses they struggled with, and tough trials they went through—the greater their self-esteem and ability to deal with life. Our grandchildren can learn helpful lessons from the lives of their ancestors. And don't we all want that for our grandchildren and great grandchildren?”
This is a brief summary of the sections in the booklet I handed out to the attendees:
Handout Booklet Summary
To wrap up my presentation, I gifted each woman with this notebook to use as their Journal in recording their memories, as we discussed at this meeting. We’re going to gather in October 29, 2018 and each woman will have the opportunity to share a Memory from her journal. We all look forward to a fun time!
Note Book
After the compliments and gifts I received in appreciation for my Presentation this week, I know our meeting next year will be one of the highlights of my year!
2017-10-30 14.25.50-1

Baby Shoes and More Baby Shoes

2017-11-03 12.09.18-2
Today I had occasion to put away some of the family heirlooms I had assembled to use for a display at a presentation I recently gave. While I had my collection of baby shoes out, I thought I’d put them all together and count them. Sixteen pairs of baby shoes that belonged to me and my twin brother, Dennis! Also shown here are other baby items my grandmother, and then my dad kept for me. You can see the pink and blue hair brush/comb sets, rattles, the banks, the silver pieces of drinking cups with our initials engraved, napkin rings, and silverware. I even have our pink and blue hot water bottles.
Here’s a picture of me wearing the white boots:
White boots (2)
I’m so grateful for a Grandma who kept these items and for a father who passed them on to me. To some people, these things are just “stuff”. But they show me the love that was held in the hearts of my family and I’m grateful!
LaVerna with Dennis and Becky Margheim, about 1951 114 E. 6th St, Hoisington, KS (10) Ruby, Ernest, Becky & Dennis Margheim about 1949 2201 Jefferson (18)

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What surnames are you interested in researching?
Margheim, Koleber, Flanders, Becker, Strait, McMillan, Jamison, Haught, Roberts, King, Bell, Dale, Dietz, Jones, Smith, Marker, Hardin
What countries and other locations are you interested in researching?
Germany, United States,
What is your level of genealogy knowledge?
Intermediate Family History Researcher
For what reason did you start genealogy research?
I started genealogy research to continue work done previously by family members. I wanted to know who my ancestors were and to learn their stories!
Do you have a genealogy website or blog?

Gramma's House: My Personal Life Blog

Besides my genealogy blog "Grace and Glory", which you can see at left, I write a blog focusing on my family and my personal life. You're welcome to come and visit me at "Gramma's House"

I've also posted my family photo albums at Picasa Web. You're welcome to take a look.

"We live as long as we're remembered"! (Russian proverb)

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At 12:49pm on March 26, 2011, Sherry Hightower gave Becky Jamison a gift
Hope you are having a great year so far! Please accept this little ribbon as my way of saying, while I may not visit GW much these days, I have not forgotten.
At 9:51am on August 25, 2010, Dee Shelton said…
My friend live in Cannon City CO. Her name is Patty Meigs. She is also addicted to Genealogy lol
At 6:56pm on July 31, 2010, Dee Shelton said…
Hi Becky;
I am glad to find someone else researching the Roberts family. You are my second Genealogy friend in Cannon City CO. Pat and I discovered that we are also cousins linked through my Allen family.

I will be very happy if you will accept me as your friend. I live in NC.

Thank you,

Dee Shelton
At 3:33pm on August 22, 2009, Monica Palmer said…
Hi Becky! I was excited to see someone else from Colorado! I've been to the main branch of Denver Public Library and looked at some of their resources... do you have any other suggestions for research in Colorado? Unfortunately, my ancestors are not from here. Mainly Ohio and California.
At 2:11pm on July 21, 2009, Kathryn Keller said…
Hey Becky. I just read your article in the World Vital Records Newsletter. Nice article.
At 2:56pm on July 13, 2009, Judith Richards Shubert said…
Hi there, Becky. Looks like this will be a pretty active site with a lot of positive results. Thanks for finding me.
At 10:51pm on July 11, 2009, Sherry Hightower said…
Becky..just saved this image to the computer. I'll work on it tomorrow
At 6:14pm on July 10, 2009, Carolyn Dunlap Franklin said…
Hi Becky!! This new site looks awsome!! I'm so glad we are friends! :)
At 7:08pm on July 8, 2009, Jeanie DiLeonardo said…
Becky, thank you for the friend request - I just learned about GenealogyWise minutes before I signed up, and to already get a friend request makes me feel welcome.
At 4:12pm on July 8, 2009, Jennifer Eklund, PLCGS said…
Thank you Becky for the friend request. :)




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