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The differences between the GenealogyWise emails

Disclaimer I am not associated in any way with GenealogyWise or FamilyLink.

I have noticed in the groups that I created and participate in some confusion as to the emails that people are receiving automatically announcing comments, discussions, and replies. In the absence of a "help" or "FAQ" document for me to point them towards, I thought I would write up a post on my understanding of them. I spent several years in an IT environment and what seems a lifetime on computers, but I realize what seems intuitive to me isn't intuitive to everyone else.

The below is how the differently phrased email messages appear to work to me. This post is meant to be 'descriptive' not 'prescriptive'. However, I do stray into my own thoughts on where I think there are some problems with the system.


1) [Name of Individual] started a discussion in [Group Name] on Genealogy Wise

This announces the start of a new discussion in the Discussion Forum. The link in the email will take you directly to the discussion where you can read, and choose whether to reply.

2) [Name of Individual] replied to the discussion [Discussion Title] on Genealogy Wise

This announces a reply to a discussion. Unfortunately, the email doesn't indicate the name of the group, so there is no way for you to know which group the discussion forum is in without following the link to the site. The link will take you directly to the reply though.

3) [Name of Individual] left a comment in [Group Name] on Genealogy Wise

This announces a comment on the "Comment Wall" of the particular group mentioned. Following the link provided will NOT take you to the comment. It takes you to the Group's main page. You need to browse through the comments to find the comment. At the bottom of the Comment Wall are boxes with 'page numbers' on them. If there is more than one page of comments, you will need to click on these boxes to see the older messages.

4) A message from [Name of Individual] to all members of [Group Name] on Genealogy Wise!

The individual has clicked a link that says "Send Message to Group" which sends an email to everyone in the group. The content of the message will appear in your email. It does not appear anywhere on the Genealogy Wise site that I can tell. [Note: This feels to me dangerously close to allowing group members the ability to spam entire groups. If I were GW I would follow the Vegas Code and What Happens on Genealogy Wise would STAY on Genealogy Wise. Email alerts are one thing, but allowing (arguably encouraging) other members to spam me in my personal email is another.]

5) [Name of Individual] has sent you a message on Genealogy Wise

This individual has sent you a personal email. (Or possibly they have selected an option: "Send Message to All Friends" This option also makes me uncomfortable, but less so, as there is a friend connection that isn't present among fellow group members.) The text of the message should be in your email, but also should appear in your Inbox on Genealogy Wise.

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