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For Group Admins: Disable "Send Message to All"

If you created a Group - you are the Admin of that group
Under Admin Options you should see "Edit Group"

Click on that, and on that panel you should see "Allow members to send messages to the entire group"

I highly recommend that you uncheck that box if it is currently checked.

What happens with that option is if someone clicks on the link "Send Message to Group" the message arrives in the *email* of *everyone* who is a member of the group. From what I can tell, it doesn't appear anywhere on the GenealogyWise site.

A lot of members may get confused and think that is the way to communicate with the group, when actually posting a Comment or starting a Discussion Thread is likely much more preferable.

Also, since members can elect not to receive any emails from GenealogyWise - those members won't see these messages at all....which is likely not what the individual desires.

If you deselect the option - you as Admin still have the ability to send these groupwide emails, you're just limiting it to yourself.

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