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October 2018 Blog Posts (7)

Preparing to Present: Lecturing Skills Including Presentation

Shannon Bennett, Student

In the introduction to the course Lecturing Skills Including Preparation,  author Thomas MacEntee writes how he became the genealogy speaker he is today.  Guess what? There was no magic formula, just a lot of hard work.  I figured this was the case, but you know that I…


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Genealogical Sources

Sources are the foundation of our research. They are the places from which we get information that provides evidence to form a conclusion. Examples of sources include documents/records, books, photographs, artifacts, websites, newspapers, video or audio recorded interviews, and people. Sources are classified by type; original, derivative, or authored.…


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My First Course: Lecturing Skills Including Preparation

Shannon Bennett, Student

The National Institute for Genealogical Studies course Lecturing Skills Including Preparation written by Thomas MacEntee caught my eye when I was at the FGS conference in Ft. Wayne, Indiana this past August.  Speaking to genealogy friendly audiences is something…


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Who's Your Cousin?

Shannon Bennett, Student with The National Institute for Genealogical Studies

I am really excited that these Methodology, Part 1 modules have started to dig into the meat and potatoes of genealogy.  In them we are introduced to sources, evidence, and types of information.…


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Valerie & Myrt’s Excellent Genealogy Adventures debuts today

Valerie & Myrt’s Excellent Genealogy Adventures debuts today
Colorado Springs, CO, Oct 19, 2018 — In anticipation THE…

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Genealogy Research Services in Iowa

We Iowans are very proud of our own Meredith Wilson, creator of "The Music Man," long running Broadway musical and award winning movie. 

Professor Harold Hill, The Music Man himself, extolls the secret of his success to his fellow salesmen when he states, "Ya Gotta Know the Territory!" 

I often hire experienced…


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Working on the Family Tree and What did I See?

  As I was working on my family tree, what did I see?   Something that really surprised me.

  You see bullying is something that, I have been around many, many years.  Working in the school system, we learned a

   lot  of  about bullying.  What causes it? What may prevent it? Why does it happen?

  So as I was reading an old newspaper article was surprised to see this topic is probably as old as humans now I fear.

  Why is it so hard to steer a…


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