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  As I was working on my family tree, what did I see?   Something that really surprised me.

  You see bullying is something that, I have been around many, many years.  Working in the school system, we learned a

   lot  of  about bullying.  What causes it? What may prevent it? Why does it happen?

  So as I was reading an old newspaper article was surprised to see this topic is probably as old as humans now I fear.

  Why is it so hard to steer a youth to a better life than bullying?  What causes them to rebel so much.?

   Some where, we miss the boat in understanding their desires or even what they feel is their needs.  

   Doing your research in your family did you find a bully or potential bully on the scene?

   Today reading the Brighton Patch,

  It talks of a program applied during October National Bullying Prevention Month and the Brighton Patch talked to local educators to see how they approached this topic.

   It is well worth the read if  you want to learn more about our families.  


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