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I am third generation American, born in 1953, and my father, Robert Alton Hutto, born in 1928. My grandfather, Joseph Henry Hutto, was born in 1885. He was the first born child of my great-grandparents, George Washington Hutto and Anna Greene Hutto (originally an immigrant from Hamburg, Germany), and hence the first American citizen born to our family.


I have a major concern about the websites out there claiming our surname HUTTO is either German or English, but in fact my great-grandfather "Georgie" was sent alone, by his parents at the age of 5, to the United States as an immigrant from Vienna, Austria. This began our family's history as American citizens sometime between mid to late 1860s. My father's sister conveyed the facts to me that Georgie arrived in new York at age 5, and was adopted by a family in Tennessee,and learned to speak English, but remained fluent in German until his death. he gave her facts about his arrival into the US when she was 12 years old, and has remained with her to this day. Georgie told her that all of his siblings were sent away to the US at different times, and he never saw any of them again.


The adoptive family allowed him to keep his surname, Hutto, but they change his name to George Washington to honor the US first president, and to celebrate his new citizenship. His true given name is unknown to me. I plan to travel to Ellis Island and search for his name entered into the immigrant journal of that time period.


It is imperative that I clarify our surname HUTTO is definitely NOT German, although my great-grandfather spoke German, or English which is ludicrous to suggest that HUTTON from England is the origin of HUTTO. I do believe it is possible that our Hutto lived in various countries of the European Union, including Germany and England, but I do have the factual knowledge my great-grandfather Hutto was an immigrant from Vienna, Austria.


I further believe there is a great possibly that his family migrated several generations earlier from Italy into Austria, as our name HUTTO is more closely related to Italian surnames, and very different from Austrian surnames, which tend to be German in origin. I have no proof to support this notion, but I intend to research to verify it, whether pro or con, in the near future.


I am deeply concerned there are websites out there that are actually touting a "HUTTO coat of arms" available FOR SALE.


Hopefully other Huttos can comment on this blog regarding your knowledge of your immediate family history!


Vicki Hutto

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Comment by kay hutto hull on February 18, 2011 at 4:38am
The first Hutto that there is actual documentation of was not named Hutto at all, but Otto, Issac Otto, arriving here from either Switzerland or Germany around 1735.  His accent was so heavy and being illiterate he couldn't spell or write his name so it was written like it sounded with a thick German accent and was recorded in church documents however the writer thought it was spelled and later however the census takers spelled it.  But now all the decendants of this one man spell it HUTTO.  I have been able to trace my line all the way back to Issac, with his son Charles starting my line. Your "Georgie" was not from this Hutto line and all you say about your family of Hutto's is probably true but not for the decendants of Issac.  People will sell anything if there is a market for it and if thoses fools want to spend money on a fake coat of arms, who cares!


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