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I2a1a2 - I-S17250 - I-PH908

In 2017. Olga Utevska, a geneticist from Ukraine, wrote her dissertation paper in which she stated that the greatest diversity of I2a1a2 DYS448 = 19 (!!) haplotypes was in Ukraine and Belarus.

When I read the paper few days ago, at first I thought that she expressed herself imperfectly because it is a known fact that the greatest I-P37.2 (!!) haplotype diversity is in Ukraine, Belarus and southern Poland, but she was explicit: “the greatest diversity of DYS448 = 19 haplotypes”, which, in…


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Your Summer Surprise!!

A surprise gift just for you! For one day only (24 hours) you can save:

25% off 1 course package (maximum savings $862.50) with code: pk2019ss at checkout.


50% off 1 course (maximum savings $80.00) with code: sc2019ss at…


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Recording Your Information

Recording your information

The Pedigree Chart (or Ancestral Chart) will record your direct line ancestors’ information. In other words, you will record the dates and locations of births, marriages, deaths and burials from one father and mother to the next father and mother. While the potential is there for an endless number of ancestors, most of us in the beginning only have knowledge of two or three generations.…


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2019 Ontario Genealogical Society Annual Conference

OGS Conference

Canada’s largest annual gathering of family historians, the Ontario Genealogical Society’s Annual Conference, will be in London, Ontario from June 21st to the 23rd at the London Convention Center.

So many activities are planned… Opening Ceremonies begin Friday evening, followed by a jam-packed program with lecture streams for Saturday and Sunday. Don’t forget about…


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June 2019 Virtual Meetings

Have questions about your courses or your research? Virtual Meetings are a way for you to communicate with an instructor. These meetings are NOT mandatory, but a fun & interactive way to ask questions about courses/research. Below are the June scheduled sessions. Join us!

Wednesday, June 12th at 8:00 PM EDT – Canadian courses with Kathryn Lake Hogan                                            Time zones:

Wednesday, June 12th –…


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Southern California Genealogical Society - Jamboree 2019

The Southern California Genealogical Society – Jamboree 2019, “50th Birthday Bash”, will be taking place May 30th - June 2nd and we here at The National Institute for Genealogical Studies are excited. Why are we excited? Because we will be attending! …


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The National Institute for Genealogical Studies invites you to come celebrate with us, with our students, our graduates and our instructors. Anyone can attend. Graduates: invite your family – everyone is welcome! 

Join us for our 2019 graduation ceremony…


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The Judds

When Matthias (sometimes spelled with one “t”) Judd joined the Union Army in the Civil War, it may have been motivated out of revenge for the killing of his brother Siles Judd by Confederate guerrillas. It must have weighed heavy on his heart. In truth, he probably had several reasons for volunteering. One of the reasons may have sprung out of pure patriotism-love for country. There might have been another factor: Matthias was thinking about his grandfather John Judd and his grandfather’s…


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Research and Collaboration

Collaboration and Brick Walls

Many of us tend to work on our genealogy research alone. It is an independent activity where we can lose ourselves for hours on end. In some cases, family members actually work together to solve a common research problem. It is these situations that can benefit us the most.…


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Ohio Genealogical Society Conference - "Building A Heritage"

The Ohio Genealogical Society Conference, “Building A Heritage”, will be taking place May 1st - 4th and we here at The National Institute for Genealogical Studies are excited. Why are we excited? Because we will be attending! …


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2019 Alberta Conference Winner

Join us in a round of applause congratulating, Craig Newton.

Craig was the winner of our drawing for $1,000 worth of courses during the 2019 Alberta Genealogical Society Conference. Louise had a wonderful time speaking with all of you during the conference. Thank you for stopping by…


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May 2019 Conferences

April is almost over and we at The National Institute for Genealogical Studies are looking forward to May. Will we see you at one of the following conferences? Make sure to check out the exhibit hall, stop by our booth, and visit with us. We look forward to seeing you!

  1. May 1st -…

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Alberta Genealogical Society Conference - "Images Through Time"

The Alberta Genealogical Society Conference, “Images Through Time”, will be taking place April 26th – 28th and we here at The National Institute for Genealogical Studies are excited. Why are we excited? Because we will be…


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Noble, Black, Harmon, Stevenson Northern Ireland

Searching for James Noble, born about 1805-1811, perhaps Co. Cavan, but uncertain, died 1900 in Walkerton, On. Canada. Emigrated to Canada approximately 1830-1840. Married Mary Harmon, born 1816, Ireland. Son David Allan Noble born 1850 in Gore Township, Peel County, Ontario, Canada. 

Also searching for Stephen Black, D.O.B. 1799 - possibly in Co. Armagh, N.I. and wife Mary Stevenson, also possibly born Armagh. Have marriage bond dated 1830 from Diocese of Armagh, Church of Ireland.…


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Old Dutch Names and the meanings

Daghuerder = Day laborer
Dagloner = Day laborer
Dekker = Roofer, slater or reed-thatcher
Diefleyer = Helper of the sheriff…

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HAPLOGROUP I2a1 – L621 – CTS10228 – Y3120

Y-DNA haplogroup I2a1 is most commonly found in the western Balkans, Romania, and Sardinia. It is also present in other European countries. Its maximum frequencies are observed in Bosnia (50%), Sardinia (39%), Croatia (37%), Serbia (32%), Montenegro (30%), Romania (28%), Moldova (21%), Macedonia (23%), Slovenia (20%), Ukraine (20%), Bulgaria (20%), Belarus (17%), Hungary (16%), Slovakia (16%), Albania (12%) and Greece (10%).



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SPRING, is it approaching, just slowly, slowly, slowly.  It is 77 Degrees and the change is so drastic  I feel out of sync.

Planted the 3 plants for the garden in pots, one will need moved to larger pot when I locate what I am going to toss that is no longer producing.  These plants are for the Butterflies and Hummingbirds we encourage in our yard. WE lost one of these 2 years ago. 

The Cherry tree is like my genealogy. It is budding on branches and…


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Exposure to a Web Site You May Want to Follow.

     Having been following this blog for some time now and it is interesting.

     My Genealogy Hound a free service provided by Hearthstone Legacy Publications



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DNA and a connection Unexpected.


   Jones researchers,  we had our line verified but was exciting to see DNA some how links us with a group of individuals that I am happy to learn.

    DNA wish I could grasp it better. I understand it 's workings not how to make it work.  

    We have an ancestor that is Indian and it shows.   Paper trail showed it 4 years ago now DNA somehow does.

   Teague Jones wife seems to be the link in some format.  



Added by Susi (Susan C Jones) Pentico on February 8, 2019 at 5:46pm — No Comments

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