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I have several links, in different areas of New England.

First, I have links with Plymouth Colony.

In terms of generation, my earliest immigrant ancestor is Rev. Stephen Batchelder, and with him I get the Sanborns, the Tucks, and the Palmers, as well as Locke, Berry and a few otehrs I don't have much information for.

Another ancestor in a different area was Henry Howland, the brother of John Howland, who is the one who fell overboard off the Mayflower. Henry came over a few years after John, In this set I also have Newland, Adams, Allen and Sharp, at which point they merge with my Haines line in New Jersey.

And thirdly I have The Hiltons who connect to the Batchelder group through Christopher Palmer. The Hilton Brothers came over right after the pilgrims but for establishing a fishing trade.

I would love to hear about your links too.

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Hi Katrina,

I just joined genealogywise and noticed your pilgrim-era group. I am directly related to Myles Standish, John Alden, and Constant Southworth (Alice Carpenter Bradford's son from her first marriage to Thomas Southworth). Also from that era, but not from Plymouth, were John Whitman and Robert Carr. Most of my ancestors were immigrants in the 1840's- 1850's from Ireland, Scotland, and the Netherlands.
Barbara that is so cool. Finding out you are related to people you studied in school is such a trip.
HI I am the wife of a pilgrim decendant .. My new family is John Alden + Priscilla Mullens .this is the line Ruth Bass marries John Bass.. Daughter Sarah marries Ephraim Thayer .. Shardarack Thayer Marries rachel White ( yes of the mayflower family.. I dont know if she is Perigrene's line) (but I have a incredible story... about 10 years ago I was just getting heavlily into this.... and I have a higgins line that now seems to be Richard Higgins.who lived with John alden as a friend as a taylor in plymouth .. . well at one point I have been told that The whites the alden's and the Higgins were all decent friends .. Well My neighboor was Perigreen whites decendant and My husband was a alden / holmes / Alden decendant and I being a richard Higgns decendant. the three of us got along as good friends. .( this was neat that 500 years ago .. our families were also friends. how weird and what are the chances... back to the line... (Urial Thayer married Deborah Copeland and their son Ebennezer Thayer married Deborah Wilde their daughter Deborah Thayer married married Zenus Packard ,
Deborah Packard married Samuel Homes .. Now the early decendants of Samuel Holmes is also relatives of the howlands. But I know from reading records that John Alden was a pretty decent guy... okay maybe not as nice to baptist or Quakers.
Hello, Barbara. I just stumbled on to this discussion thread and your entry. I am intrigued about your connection to John and Priscilla as they are my eighth generation grandparents. Could you elaborate a more so that I can insert your lineage into my genealogy program (Reunion)?

Hey... we're related! Im descended from John Howland. *lol*
Greeting Caren, I love finding new cousins :)
me too!

I am Howland, White, Nickerson, Tilley and more of them.  I was in Plimoth Colony in Ma. 2 years ago.  That was my 2nd visit there

I have books with all of the Mayflower passengers and familys some including the wills.  Also Pioneer of Massachsuetts 1620-1650 and also birth, marriages, deaths of Massachusett people 1700's to 1840

Immigrations to Massachusetts the early years and on up with some Canadian thrown in.

I have been doing genealogy for 70 years now.


Hi Katrina,

My recent ancestry is from Tioga County, PA and the upper tier of NY - Elmira/Corning area. I've spend 20 years researching ancestry of several related families (Friends, Cleveland, Tillinghast, George, Plank, Gilbert, Draper, Pierce, Metcalf and others) that were ancestors of my grandparents. Of my grandparents three have Mayflower heritage. The Gilbert Line (to Lee Nye Gilbert through Albert Elias Gilbert to Cephus Gilbert and Desire Pearce his mother) has John Howland, Richard Warren (2 lines), Isaac Allerton, and John Tilley. The Draper line (to Lester Eugene Draper through Wallace Eugene Draper to Daniel Draper and the Turner line of his mother) has Edward Doty (2 lines), Stephen Hopkins and Francis Cooke. The George line (to Florence Myrtle George through Harvey George to Leray George and Laura Plank his mother) has Elder William Brewster, Dr. Samuel Fuller, Francis Eaton, and John Billington. I am a member of SOMD and have several of these lines approved - all are well documented. Anyone needing help with any of these lines through the listed ancestors may contact me for references.
Wow Alton that's quite a pedigree! How exciting. I personally have not found a direct link to any Mayflower people, except as I mentioned, the brother of John Howland. But it's still awesome for me. When I first traced an ancestor even to the period I was totally in shock. I would have never in a million years guess that would be the case, and now I have at least a dozen ancestors who arrived before 1650, and some on the Fortune, the year after the Mayflower landed. one was John Adams, who became part of the Plymouth colony, and participated int he 1627 division of cattle. As I said, that's pretty awesome for me. I still sometimes have trouble wrapping my head around it.
The thing that's neat about the Howlands is how many of their descendents are famous. John Howland has President's Bush, Sarah Palin and Princess Diana. Henry has Richard Nixon and Gerald Ford. Arthur (their other brother) has Winston Churchill.

Sarah Palin's also got Richard Warren (who's got tons and tons of famous descendents) and William Brewster.
Hi I also have John Adams of the Fortune. Have you found anything on his parents? I believe them to be William Adams and Elizabeth Borrington. I am a descendant of William Bradford. I also have Elizabeth Brewster who is said to be William Brewsters daughter who came over later but, I can't find credible evidence that she was his daughter.



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