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The company support, responsiveness, and free updates initially got me excited about Legacy. I love the To Do List, the Chronology View, the Research Guidance, mapping, etc. I'm also excited about the future of Legacy. I've also become one of the "family favorites" because of the birthday reminders - I never forget anymore.

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Geoff you are one of my favorite features....your lectures are fun and informative. Oh, yes, the favorite element in Legacy for me has been the unlimited note capacity which I think Legacy has had from the beginning.
Hi Geoff, I guess it's the ease with which web pages can be created and the flexibility there is in selecting what to include - or arguably more importantly, what not to!
I love the flexibility of the software, how there are often several ways to accomplish the same thing...and the user can pick the method that works best for them.

I like how you offer free updates between versions.

I like how the "family" view looks on the screen -- how much information is there, and how intuitively easy it is to move between the generations.

I love Advanced Sourcing! Such a timesaver! And the ability to copy sources (complete with detail) with the click of a mouse.

I'm completely sold on Legacy. I've used two other programs -- one before I found Legacy, and one which I tried after using Legacy (not because I was dissatisfied with Legacy -- it was free, and I thought I'd see what it looked like). In both cases I found Legacy to be far superior.

I also appreciate how responsive the Legacy employees are to members of the Legacy User Group. It's always nice to know they are monitoring the list, and ready to jump in and help if needed!
Master (Linked) Lists (Access Tables)

Merges with follow-up of other connected individuals being added to the stack.

Collaboration capabilities with other researchers.

Quick response by programmers to suggestions and bug reports...all free.

Very active user groups that are willing to help one another.

Interface with internet searches and Temple Ready (soon nFS and Family Tree we are all anticipating).

Drag and Drop between databases.

Modify in any view.

Customize settings and report outputs.
I have used this software exclusively for years. I love how easy it is to work with, how friendly the screens are and of course the wide variety of reporting features. Last year, I created individualized books for each member of my family for Christmas and it was just a joy to work with.
It is hard to think of a favorite feature. I love the whole program! I started with it years ago because of the price of the standard version (free!). I had small children and was on a tight budget. I have since upgraded to the deluxe version and I love it all. I guess the ease of sourcing is one of my favorite features.
Hi Geoff,
I think the whole program is fantastic. Since I ordered the CD's on how to use the program, one of my favorites is all the shortcuts the programmers built into the program, they are real time savers.
Split Screen View! And the ability to highlight your main line. And the tips that are shared in the newsletter because that's where I find out about all these neat things.
I love that I can link images without attaching them to the program. This is the reason I started with Legacy. The source templates are great. I'll probably never use or even discover all the great features. What I do use is perfect.
Love the Search feature, overall flexibility of the program, and the ease of use of the various user interfaces. Well Done Legacy. I've been using it since June 2000 after trying several other programs, and IMHO Legacy is by far the best I've used.
Hats Off to all the folks at Legacy Family Tree.
Donald DeZarn
Like everyone else who has commented, I love just about everything Legacy offers, but my favorite features would have to be:
- the showing a woman's married name in the alphabetical index listing
- drag & drop between files
- highlighting direct line
- great source citation
- the ability to create circle and fan charts
- the beautiful charting capabilities of Legacy Charting - adding photos, backgrounds, etc.
Navigation: The ease of navigation is what first drew me to Legacy. I first started with a program that was very similar in set-up to Legacy. I discovered that I had lost the installation disk when I went to install that program on a new computer. I tried other programs. HATED them. I couldn't find my way through them. I came upon Legacy and noticed the set-up was similar to my first program. I tried it and loved it.

SourceWriter: It takes the most of the guess work out of picking which information to use in sourcing.

The Relationship Calculator: This is a fun feature. I can see all the multiple ways two people are related.



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