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Ok... I've joined way more groups than I thought I would.

Right now, the groups on the side of My Page show up with the first groups I joined at the bottom and the most recent at the top. But I'd like to be able to put the groups I use the most at the top of the list (mostly the first ones I joined) so that I can get to them more quickly. (Heaven forbid I have to click to the My Groups page first... horrors!)

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I don't know of, or see anyway currently to do this Kathleen. So I'll make sure the suggestion gets passed up the line.
Thank you, Johnny. It's not a big deal, but it would be nice.
I agree
I feel the same way... I access the Sweden & Swedish Ancestry most often and it's at the bottom of my Groups list because it was the first group I joined. Thank you for working on this.
Hi Everyone! I think I have a solution to listing the Groups you would like to feature most prominently at the top of your list of groups. I did this myself today.

You have to Leave the Group and then Rejoin the Group, and then that particular group will appear at the head of your list. I did this today with the group I am most interested in following: Sweden and Swedish Ancestors. It worked for me! I suppose if you have a 2nd favorite group, you could Unjoin and Rejoin that group first, then follow by Unjoining and Rejoining the group you want to be at the very top of your list. Make sense? I sure hope so. Cheers! Carry on!
The featured group is great but I'd still like to also categorize other groups according to my interests and needs. Has there been any revisions at this time? Thanks



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