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As a member of this Group, I'm now receiving notices by email of postings by other members. However, when I click on the link in the email, I'm not taken to the actual posting but just the Group page. It can then take ages to find the relevant posting, if it can be found at all, even when going to the posters home page and trying the link from there.

Am I missing something obvious? I did see one posting by Debbie referring to the availability of 'Latest Activity' but cannot find that facility in this Group.

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That is how it works and needs to be fixed. If I see an notification on something I am following, I want to go directly to it. Now, I have to come and scroll through that has been posted.

Did the email notification say "replied to a discussion" or "left a comment in"??

In my case, both. I still have to come here to locate it. If it says replied to a discussion, I know where to look, and left a comment, i know where to look. BUT, if the page or discussion is large, (couple of pages) it takes a while to find it. It also depends on how the Discussion or Board is sorted. But that's another issue.

Awwwhhh, yes; finding the individual reply within the discussion is a pain on occasion (especially, like you said, when its a big discussion).

Can you reply to this one once more? I'm going to follow it so I can see the email message I get.

I saw the notice and came here. Fortunately, the discussion is short.

Thank you,

See, here is what I see in my email:

When I click the link, the "Comment:123644" takes me right to your comment.


It came here this time, right where it should.

Thank you,

Aha, it was a comment but until you mentioned this I had been looking in the Discussion Forum and can now find it easily!



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