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Ok, after re-reading this post, I wantd to clear up the fact that my father is deceased, my mother is alive and well.

Hello, all. My name is Miss Chastity D. Williams. I am 28 years young and was born April 14, 1981 in Dallas, TX to the late Mr. Julius Young and Andremia D. Willliams. I recently started my very own family and now am the PROUD mother of a son. My son James is 5 months old and was born January 25, 2009.
I have been researching off and on since 18. I go take advantage of the resources in my city and have many interresting bits of info. My searches into genealogy first began with just a simple surname search, and snowballed from there, I love family, family history, and it's funny because I honestly have over 1000 pictures of family, and I am caled the family photographer. I'd love to help in any way possible and would love for any help in my genealogy research. Thanks and be blessed.
I just joined up today. I'm a cemeterian in the Kansas City area, a professional web developer, and love bringing the two together by putting public data, especially cemeteries, online. I grew up in Philadelphia and all of my own personal ancestry lies there and in NJ. Main Philly surnames I am researching are Moylan, Gibson, McGuigan, Wilson and Lewis. All my names pretty much brickwall in the 1820s in south Jersey.

Trying to find the about and overview pages for this site but not having much luck so far.
My name is John Lowry, and I've been doing some amateur genealogy for the last couple years.

After playing with some of the online tree sites, I personally find to be one of the best.

Immediate surnames I'm most interested in: Lowry, Lemmons, Slawson, and Clendenon; I'm also interested in Buchanan and Lathrop.
My name is Lisa Brock. I live in Tennessee and love researching my family tree. I am now focusing my research on my husband's family, the Brocks. I have hit a lot of brick walls, especially with his grandmother who was an Owens. I enjoying finding each piece of the puzzle and also meeting new relatives and people who are also researching their family trees.
Hello everyone. My name is Mavis Jones, and I'm from North Carolina. I've been researching both sides of my family for the past 20 years minus a 10 year break that ended this year. Earlier this year, one of my younger cousins woke the sleeping giant when he called to ask a few questions as he was working on his family trees.

About a month ago, I started, Georgia Black Crackers, to document the ancestral search on my maternal side, and this week, I started, Conversations with My Ancestors, to document my search on my paternal side. To explain the name for my maternal side, it's a tribute to my family, which was from Georgia, and the Atlanta Black Crackers baseball team from the old Negro League. Please check out both of my blogs.
Hello - my name is Porsha A. Williams. As stated before, you can find me on Myspace or Facebook. For friends - Facebook only, please. Relatives? Myspace or Facebook!

I am 31 years old, and from a small town in Mid-Missouri. I relocated from that town to Columbia, MO in 1996 to attend Columbia College for Fashion Merchandising. I "walked" with one course left to get my General Studies Bachelor, with a concentration in Fashion Merchandising and a Minor in Business.

From there, I continued to work very hard, and play harder, for a textbooks wholesaler named MBS Textbook Exchange, Inc ( I finally found my niche about a year ago in the company, after 8 years of jumping around. is my new home and family - and the best little online retailer this side of the Mississippi!

From there, opportunities were endless for me. After joining the Audrain County Genealogy society, I started investigating my families roots in Missouri. To find out that I am part of two of the biggest founding black free families in Monroe and Audrain county, MO is unbelieveable. To also find out that I may be the great-great granddaughter of Charley Patton, the infamous King of the Delta blues is beyond exhilarating. As I continue my search for the truth, let me congratulate you on starting to immerse yourself in yours~or sharing the knowledge you've acquired after years in this fascinating community!
I am Patricia. I've been researching family history and genealogy on the Cummings side before computers existed. Now, I am always connecting with several different family lines including Tower, Cummings, Torrey, Blake, Brown, Heinmiller and others. I was just elected President of the Tower Genealogical Society.

If you have information or are looking for information on any of these family lines, please contact me.
Hi Patricia

I am researching the Browns of County Down, Ireland (to Albany, NY in 1799) and the Blakes of New Hampshire.

Would like to chat further. Thanks!
Hi I'm Jo Raine and for the last ten years or so I have been making a study of the Raine family, principally in their 'heartland' of Durham / North Yorkshire, but increasingly as a one-name study anywhere I can find reference to them. Some of the fruits of my labours can be seen at

I am also undertaking a study of the families who lived on one street in Barnard Castle - Bridgegate - because at one time or another during the 19th century at least five interrelated families in my tree lived on that street.

Other names I am researching in my own family tree are:
EMERSON and EMMERSON - Durham England (Stanhope and Middleton in Teesdale)
LANGLEY - Northumberland and Durham, England (Hartlepool, Warkworth, Coundon)
OLLEY - Suffolk and Durham (Barnham, Coundon)
REEVE - Norfolk (Thetford)
KNOWLES - Warwickshire, Worcestershire and Durham (Dudley, Birmingham, Stockton and Hartlepool)
WESTON - Shropshire, Worcestershire and Warwickshire (Wellington, Birmingham)
CARR - Yorkshire (Selby and York area)
and HARRISON - Yorkshire (Whitby)
I am really hopeful that this site can become successful because I think we do need a place where genealogists of all stripes can gather and share. I have been researching my family history since 1977. In 2000 I began to put my research and that of other collaborators into family histories and have completed books on each of these family surnames: Hunt, Moody, and Wingate. I consider myself an intermediate level genealogist because I have considerable experience researching both offline and online.I dabbled in turning professional, but have decided to leave that to others. I have helped a number of people with research and organization. I specialize in finding the offline records in counties in Northeast Texas. I have recently started blogging, and I am trying to become proficient at using that medium to communicate. You can find my blog talking roots at I am active on Facebook both for general purposes and in trying spread interest in genealogy among my friends. I invite those with a genealogy interest who are on Facebook to find me there and become a friend.
My main research projects are adding ancestors my Hunt, Wingate, and Moody lines. All of these lines need work in the 1700's and back in the South, especially North and South Carolina and Virginia.
I am a member of the Wood County, Texas Genealogical Society and the East Texas Genealogical Society, and I am interested in what we can do to help local and area societies thrive and introduce newly interested people into the fun and satisfaction of Genealogy.

Hi, Deason, I just joined this site & see that you have researched Moodys in East Texas.  My ggrandmother was Clementine "Tena" E. Moody, b. 1 Feb 1870 in TX.  She married John Albert Humphries 2 Feb 1887 In Freestone Co., TX.  They are both buried in Oakwood, Leon Co., TX.  Tena's father was Wm. J. Moody, b. 1821 in SC.  He married Clementine M. "Clem" Smiley in 1859 in Alabama.  They moved to TX in the late 1860s.  I don't know where or when Wm. J. died, but Clem Smiley Moody is also buried in Oakwood, Leon Co., TX.  Clem & Wm. J.'s children were Caroline, Harriet, Clementine "Tena", & John Winston Moody. 

If you have any information about these Moodys, I would appreciate your contacting me.  Thanks a lot,


Hello, I'm Ellen Bansemer Healy. I've been researching my family off and on for about 6 years now, and truthfully, I haven't gotten that far! Names I am researching are Smith (!), Reaser, Frey in Pennsylvania, and McFadden, Bansemer, O'Neil, and Hunt in Hudson County, New Jersey. Also Healy, Morris, McPeek and Walsh in Essex County, New Jersey. For the last 2 years I have also been helping to start a new genealogy society in Hudson County, New Jersey. Check out our website at I'm not very computer savvy, but I do like connecting and reading about others triumphs and brickwalls. You never know where a cousin might be hiding!



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