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I have just added 2 groups and thought I'd tell a bit about the idea behind them.


Being a 4th generation Texan and proud of my Texas heritage, naming my website "Texas History Hunter" only seemed natural, since I was digging most of the time into Texas related records and history. So anyone, like me, hunting for records or history in Texas, is welcome, whether you live in Texas or not.


I am also a volunteer headstone photographer. In dealing with office staff, sometimes they are great, sometimes they are not. It would have been nice to have been able to know before hand what to expect!

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New Group:

If you have a Family Reunion, please post it here. One location so everyine can check to see if there is a family reunion for their surname and in a local they feel may be a connection.

Looking for your Confederate soldier ancesancestors.tors? This is the group for you. Let's assist one another in finding our

If you are a user and would like to discuss this great site, or if you would like to ask those of us who do use this wonderful resource for assistance with a look up, please join this group.

One of my favorite groups! If you have a line of appropriately themed gifts (ie or Cafepress) join this group and post a discussion for your store or gallery. This way, all GW members can find a unique gift for that special person in the family.

Searching for your ancestor who fought in the American Revolution? Need some documentation or copies of records? Join this group and let's help each other.

 George Oller/Oler, Charles and Catlett Tiffee/Tiffy/Tife,  Garner, and Mays.  Thanks. 

All GW members, if you have created a group, post it here with a brief description and get an "introduction" for your group. Right now there are 400 groups and more are coming. Get the word out about your group.

If you need a graphic for your group, let me help you. Contact me via my page and give me your ideas about what you would like, let's see if we can create something just for you. (this is a free service)
Please Join This New Group

These services are offered free to GenealogyWise members. If you want something to use on a personal website, etc contact me off list to discuss pricing. Thanks
Southern States Problem Solving.

This group is for discussing all aspects of Southern research, including "burned" counties, and ways to work around them. Either post specific details of your problem, and what research you have already done that members may offer suggestions, or post examples of innovative research techniques, uncommon records, or whatever allowed you to break down a southern "brick wall."
There is a new genealogical site for du Plessis and du Plessis de Richelieu researchers:
The idea is to research the du Plessis and du Plessis de Richelieu family worldwide. During the 1600’s when Jean Prieur du Plessis moved to South Africa another (unknown) du Plessis de Richelieu moved to Denmark. There are also indications that a member / members of the same family settled in Canada.
If you are interested in this family, I hope that you will participate and render a contribution.
I have created ten groups on Genealogy Wise.

DAR-This group is for individuals who want to become or already are members of the Daughters of the American Revolution. My hope for this group is that individuals who are members can help those who want to become members.

Watson Family-This group is for individuals researching the Watson surname.

Eagan/Eagen Family-This group is for individuals researching the Eagan/Eagen surname.

Harrington Family-This group is for individuals researching the Harrington surname.

Roach Family-This group is for individuals researching the Roach surname.

Kirby Family-This group is for individuals researching the Kirby surname.

Daly Family-This group is for individuals researching the Daly surname.

Sauer Family-This group is for individuals researching the Sauer surname.

Eklund Family-This group is for individuals researching the Eklund surname.

Graves Family-This group is for individuals researching the Graves surname.
The English Fens - a unique part of England that covers bits of several counties - Cambridgeshire, Lincolnshire and Norfolk in particular. Fenland dwellers are rumoured to have webbed feet, which unfortunately didn't help my own ancestor Levi Kisby, who fell into one of the drainage channels and drowned!



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