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I got to thinking about it some more, during a rare moment of solitude today - what I would like to see in the time capsule that I hope to do at our reunion next year (please read my blog about reunion fundraising for more information): A copy of our local newspaper for the week of the reunion
Birth announcements/wedding invitations/graduation announcements/etc. for events that happen around that time
A record of the price of gas at that time
A receipt from the grocery store
A group photo
A list of popular songs, tv shows, and movies, maybe an entertainment magazine
Notes from relatives, in sealed envelopes, about any topic (rather poignant because when we open the time capsule in however many years, some of the family members present for its inception will probably not be around)
A drawing by my preschool-age daughter
A genealogy report (that is, a current listing of descendants of my grandparents, who the reunion is for)

If you were doing a time capsule, what would you put in it?

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