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Launched my first book - Jolly Boats on the River

Genealogy started as a hobby for me in the early 1980s when began tracing my family's origin.  Becoming more intrigued by my findings, I began my pursuit of a professional designation in genealogy with the National Institute of Genealogy at the University of Toronto.  Today, my research connects genealogical evidence to the family stories, preserving them for the generations that follow.

Recently graduating as a professional genealogist, with a passion for preserving family history along with the storytelling that comes with it.  Documenting the stories, researching the facts, and publishing these in a format for young readers to help preserve their family stories is something I enjoy.

I recently released my first book, Jolly Boats on the River, a story about my grandfather’s youthful desire to be part of a rowing team in Scotland. Grandad and his granddaughter Lizzy are on an outing to the harbour park where the surroundings spark his memory. He tells his story about becoming jolly boat champions.  Jolly Boats on the River is a story about being part of a team, hard work and being rewarded as champions.  Most of all Grandad hopes Lizzy will preserve this family story for generations to come.

The book is available on Amazon  Jolly Boats on the River

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Comment by CJ Scott on January 19, 2022 at 7:07am
Wow that's amazing congratulations on completing your first book!
Comment by Cheryl Levy PLCGS on October 5, 2021 at 9:05pm

Congratulations Carol!!


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