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Is Legacy responsible for incorrect data on the Internet?

For years I have been blaming The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, whose 'Ancestry' family trees are - or were - notoriously difficult to amend, and hence never were.

This year, Millennia Corporation will be celebrating their 29th year in business, and the 17th year since they first released their Legacy Family Tree genealogy software.

Legacy is a feature-rich package that lets you chart family trees, record details about individuals, and otherwise track your family through the years with a wealth of tools and features.

It works well on the desktop, but does it serve us well as an online database?

I cannot claim to have been using Legacy for 17 years, but I have found it meets my requirements for, probably, around 10.

But it was only this week, that I wanted to place a legacy database online.

Up to now, converting the data to a 76mb GEDCOM, uploading it and populating the database took around an hour.

But it is a very different story with Legacy. Legacy has a built-in process to create webpages, which can be set up in a variety of differing formats. However, my 76mb GEDCOM was replaced by a 1.95gb html website - far exceeding upload limits.

The answer was to zip up the files into smaller packages, and this proved to be a fairly straight forward process. The result was 6 zip files averaging 153mb.

Each file took around an hour to upload, and then another hour to unpack. So 12 hours in all!

So why the question 'Is Legacy responsible for incorrect data on the Internet?'

Well, how often am I going to spend 12 hours updating my genealogy website? Not often, if at all. And the result will be an outdated website where errors are not corrected.

No, perhaps LDS should not get all the blame.

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Comment by Dave Bates on February 18, 2014 at 11:30am

I have the same problem - though I just export the html files to my web site using an old version of Microsoft FrontPage, which takes about 4 hours.  And you are right, it has been months since I got around to updating it!


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