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I see a lot of information copied by many that George Soule's wife was Mary Bucket or Becket with a birth date of  17 January 1590 in Eckington, Worcester, England, being the daughter of Sylvester Becket or Bucket and Elizabeth Hill.


Strange on that very day of 17 January 1590 a little girl is being christened by the name Mary Backet and her father's name is Sylvester also, in Tuddenham St. Mary, Suffolk, England! 




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It appears more likely that the wife of George Sowle/Soule/Sol was originally Marie Bucque.  Marie was probably of Leiden. She arrived on the Anne in 1623, having probably left her widowed mother in Leiden. Her father was probably Jan Bucque, whose widow and heirs are named as neighbors in a 1622 document.   George and Mary (Becket) Sowle named a son John...another form of Jan.

Glad to see you are considering variations of the name using a "q" instead of a "k" like I said to consider.


If it is Jan Bucque from Lieden this may be connected to Buquet (Buqet,Bucque) family from Doornik.



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