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What is your favorite activity, service, perk, etc. provided by the genealogical society you belong to?

Mine is the monthly meeting where I can get together with like-minded people -- genealogists and discuss genealogical topics or learn about research ideas and other people's family search. What's Yours? Feel free to comment here.

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Mine is being able to pay back all the help II have received from various local genealogy societies by transcribing local records.
I agree, Sherry. I have received so much help from so many people. Genealogists are some of the best "pass it on" people in the world.
Agree about the getting together - with people who are encouraging and supportive - that's what renews my enthusiasm, I believe. And the practical advice is very important too, of course.

My second favourite thing is probably our BC Genealogical Society library though! (And I do meet & talk with a lot of like minded people there!)
Sometimes, I guess, we don't think of it as a service, but a local county resident just contact our society about what to do with an early 1900's diary of a family member. He had nothing to do with it (I assume because no other family wanted it) and asked our society to accept and keep it so it would not disappear. We have at other times received books, brief memoirs, and genealogy papers of family researchers. Tose are now kept and made available to the public so that that "work" is not lost as someone's passing.
I think that's a service, Deason.
Our society does the same - sometimes it takes work to put together someone's papers so that future researchers can use them too.
We are encouraging our members to sort out & donate their materials 'now'.
We are having sessions in the fall on 'how to write up your family history' so people can give something to family who want it & donate copies to appropriate libraries/genealogical societies & to the Family History Library too.
Not too long ago, we became aware that family had 'tossed out' years of work by one of our deceased members, so this topic is an immediate one for some of us.
One perk/service we have at our genealogy meetings is the use of a projector/screen connected to an online computer. For example we look at the page and demonstrate how to use it and what is available. We also do the same thing with Familty Tree Maker and Now that we have our own genealogy social network page we can review any additions and discuss problems. At the next meeting, August 12th/09 we will introduce everyone to Genealogy Wise.
The equipment is not cheap (donated funds) but it a great tool when talking about all the online advantages. Everyone pays attention during the presentations and take notes. We also have presentations on how to use your computer and get the most use out of it. All our members at the present time are seniors and appreciate computer tips.



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