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Let me start by saying that I can see three key roles (and hope that you will comment on these or add other key roles):
  1. To make available to any and all researchers local information which is not and might never be available electronically/online
  2. To help find and support those who want to get started searching for their own family history and/or those who are stuck at brick walls
  3. To support and share with those who have the common interests of the genealogical community at heart

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Deason, I agree. And Another thought I had was to try and save historical records that might be just thrown away or destroyed. Ellen
Good one. I didn't think of that. :-)
Our local historical association maintains the museum and a collection of newspapers, books, photos and so much more information about the county and its heritage. I feel as though I have only scratched the surface of this vast treasure trove. Volunteers are slowly digitizing materials, but more collections are being donated all the time. I do a great deal of online research, but nothing tops talking to one of the local historians and actually being able to see and touch (carefully of course) documents and photos. That also brings up the area of preservation of artifacts and documents. There are wonderful sources online, but I feel that genealogical/historical societies can play a large part in educating and promoting interest in local and family history for anyone, regardless of their access to a computer, as a supplement (or compliment) to school history curriculums, and as a form of community outreach. I personally would like to see the genealogical societies take a more active role in the community by offering speakers for local groups and schools and small classes on the basics of searching and breaking through those brick walls. You never know when a spark of interest will be ignited to create a lifelong passion for family history.
Great ideas, Karen!



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