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My paternal great-aunt was born on May 23, 1900 at 1 Greenstead Road, Colchester, Essex, England; one of the daughters of Thomas Crisp Seaborn and Roseanna Gaskin (I have a copy of her birth certificate). Lily emigrated to Canada with her mother and most of her siblings aboard the Empress of Britain, arriving in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada on February 15, 1913; and in St. Johns, Newfoundland, Canada on February 16, 1913 (I located their transport papers through They settled in Ontario, in an area around the border of Hastings and Northumberland Counties. Lily was one of 10 children.
She married Frank Christie on September 22, 1917. Lily emigrated to the United States from Canada to Lewiston, New York on August 8, 1918. The name on her emigration record was Lily Christer (I also found this through I know that they divorced, but I'm not sure when.
According to the obituary of her father (who died in 1923), Lily was living in New York with her sister Edith. I'm not sure if Lily was divorced from Frank by then, or not.
Lily then married an F. Fisher. I don't know anything about this person.
By 1943, when her mother passed away, Lily had married her third husband, R. Rosler. Like her second husband, I don't know anything about him.
A family legend states that Lily married a serviceman with the nickname of "Buddy", and had moved to California. I'm not sure which one this person is. Another legend is in regards to her profession. She was either an actress, an opera singer, or a Rockette, according to the family legends. After her mother passed away the family drifted apart, so not too many people know the truth about other members of the family. Lily died in 1959 in California, United States, according to information from a local Heritage Centre.

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I located her name in the 1901 British Census, as family number 68 in Colchester. The family was living at 1 Greenstead Road, Colchester, Essex County, England. Her name was spelled Lilly in that census. Further to the 1943 date; the information regarding Lily's marriage to R. Rosler was listed in her mother's obituary. I obtained this information from a local Heritage Society (as well as her marriage to F. Fisher).
Hi Jeanette-

I found a death record for a Lily Fisher, born May 23, 1901 in a different country, died in 1959 in San Diego. Do you have an obituary for Lily?
Hi, Kate:
Unfortunately, I don't have an obituary for Lily. Since she died in the United States, the local newspaper didn't cover her death. I am aware that some people list their age as a bit older or younger than their actual age for either professional or personal reasons (I've come across this in my own research). According to the Heritage Centre, she was living in San Diego about the time she was married to R. Rosler. Which country does this Lily list as her birth place? It might help me with filling in a few holes.
Hi Jeannette-

California Death Index, 1940-1997
Name: Lily Fisher
Social Security #: 570363834
Birth Date: 23 May 1901
Birthplace: Other Country
Death Date: 4 Dec 1959
Death Place: San Diego

Is it possible that she had left or divorced Rosler by the time of her death and for some reason her last name was given as Fisher?

I'm also curious if you know if Edith had been married when Lily was living with her in NY?
Hi, Kate:
Lily and Edith were living in New York when their father Thomas Crisp Seaborn passed away in 1923. Edith wasn't married at the time (her first marriage in 1915 was annulled); and her second marriage to Stephen John Hart took place on April 16, 1925 (Edith was married twice more after that). There is no confirmed date as to Lily's marriage to F. Fisher; but I know that she was married to R. Rosler in 1943. It is possible that her marriage to F. Fisher was her last one.
I found the death information for Fred Rosler. From the looks of this, there were some corrections made to the original death certificate.

ROSLER FRED 1903 08 27 SCHMALER MALE RE LOS ANGELES 1985 12 23 564034238 82 0
ROSLER FRED GW 1893 04 04 MALE RE LOS ANGELES 1985 12 25 564418037 92 0
ROSLER FRED GW 1893 04 04 MALE RE LOS ANGELES 1985 12 25 564181037 0



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