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I found the article regarding the services for Camille, its interesting, the article indicates she died in Rochester, and the services would be in Rochester. I've attached the article.

The article was from the Post Standard, Syracuse, NY, Saturday Morning, September 27, 1902

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Hi Kate,
Attached is a facsimile from the FamilySearch Pilot site of Geraldine's death certificate. I don't know where the reporter got the facts. The New York Times obit clearly stated Camille D'Elmar died in Philadelphia. Also, the Medico-Chiur Hospital is located in Philly.
Yes, that's why I thought it was interesting. :) Not sure why they would come up with that, maybe Richard told them Rochester to keep people away from Philadelphia?
Surely the social editor would have noticed such an error? Maybe there was a rush to get to the printers, no time to edit. As in Mark Twains wry reply-the reports of my death are greatly exaggerated. In those days. Looked up the Salisbury Stock Company. Played at Davidson Theater in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and then later apparently in Denver, Colorado. Haven't found Camille so far. But I forgot to thank you for the article. Maybe a clue to that report can be wrested out later.
I recently found out there is a Rochester near Pittsburg in Pennsylvania. The township of Rochester is close to the confluence of the Beaver River to the Ohio River. This begins to make more sense if the Rochester meant was in fact in Pennsylvania and not New York as we thought. I'm looking deeper into it.
Well, after a couple of weeks of fires, evacuating, recovering, I'm back, safe and sound. I am also more lost than ever with Richard Baker. Now I find many references to the Essanay director as Richard E. Baker, so I don't know if that is the same as Richard Foster Baker, or plain Richard F Baker, which we found with Camille.

I don't know if this is the same person, or related people. I tried the Wiltberger angle, from Clara, but that fizzled. It is not clear who Mary Wiltberger was married to, with son Alfred. But Clara, Mary and Alfred lived on the same street that a couple of Wiltbergers ran their druggstores. Apparently, Clara's surname at time was Wallace. Assuming this Clara was married to the Richard Baker that Camille was first married to. Sigh.

Richard Baker, according to a Rochester city directory, moved from Rochester in 1912 to Chicago. The Essanay studios moved to Niles, California general area near San Francisco. The studio ran 4 years there. A Richard E Baker is credited with some directing for some films. If the studio closed, and he returned to Chicago, that makes sense, but is not proven.
Since this discussion, I have found more information on Richard Baker and variations of his name. Kate Steere's
suggestion to use was extremely useful. [I am not affiliated with that org except as a subscriber]. However, it takes concentration because there was a contemporary Richard Baker and Wiltbergers in Ohio, which were not part of my search goal which was in Rochester/Detroit/Chicago.

You can specify one or more states to search on, however, syndicated news often was in several cities, so it's useful to slog through a list of articles. The results headers have dates and a tiny preview. Also the OCR [optical character reading] program is pretty good overall. There are original typos, but no transcripition, so one level of error is reduced.
It's a good subscription site which for tracking "celeberity" careers is so useful for people whose career moved them around alot.

The main problem for me was that the clipped article did not always contain the source on it, or the date--such as the item that Kate posted for me. Obviously, I know that particular date, but I have not found that article myself in my Genealogybank searches. So it is wise to use the Save As function by copying and pasting the date and paper's title (removing the punctuation) from the header of the GB file into the Save As title so I can go back to a new search after I find a clue, and compare results. Otherwise, it's a folder full of "wha?" LOL!

The best part is I now have some additional information on Richard Baker and the many better-known people he worked with. The disappointing part is I did not find any children with Camille documented, which was my original purpose, only a step-grandson with his second wife Clara.



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