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Post Pet Pictures!

Just want to post a picture of your pet? This is the place for you!

Don't know how to post a picture? Check this tutorial.

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Here is my handsome boy Bailey:

Being a good geneaholic, of course I have his pedigree back for 3 generations. Too busy with my own families to go further back. ; )


This is my "daughter" Sunshine. She's 19 now!
My Stormy is a huge Golden Retriever. He weighs 114 pounds. He is big boned, tall and has big feet. His picture is with me on my page. Stormy has been my forever friend for a little over a year. I adopted him from SPCA. He had been abandoned and abused. He is a real sweetheart but a little quirky.
Irene is a 5lb bundle of happiness. She's a Chinese Crested and as sweet as can be with a hilarious sense of humor. It took me quite a while to make the decision to bring a new little girl home since I lost Audrey (another Crested) after 15 wonderful years of love and friendship. You have to be ready to not compare. Audrey will never be replaced, but Irene is already loved to capacity. It's amazing how these creatures capture your heart and I'm thankful they do!




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