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Hi there  


I am wondering if anyone is going to the Somerset Records Office or similar.   


I am looking for the children of Jacob Chick and Mary [Solomon] all born between about 1786 and 1805 in Cudworth Somerset. I believe Jacob and Mary were married 14 Dec 1788 [this is not comfirmed!]  


Unfortunately I am unable to go as I live in Vancouver BC Canada, and these records have not been transcribed as of yet..  


Any information would be greatly appreciated.  


Thankyou in advance Joanne.

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Have you contacted John Lewes the Online Parish Clerk (Genealogy) for this parish? He might be able to help you.

Jim Sheppard
Coordinator Somerset OPC Project:
Hi Jim

I haven't contacted John Lewes, to be honest I wasn't sure where to start.. Do you have his contact info by chance??

Thankyou for you help.


I have contact John, and look forward to a reply, again thankyou for your help!
Hi Joanne,
The link to the OPC scheme is given in the links on the opening page of the group.
Good Luck, Chris.



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