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This group is for anyone who has an interest in medieval English genealogy. This period is often overlooked by genealogists but rich resources are available.

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Comment by Ms ROBIN COFFMAN on September 2, 2010 at 5:19pm
i am able to trace my linage to Lady Cathrine Cary, daughter of Mary Boleyn . Mary Boleyn born about 1495 Chilron, Wilshire, England died Jan. 19, 1543 in Hunqerford, Wilshire, England. Mary Boleyn married Thomas Cary and was saied to be a Missteress of King Henry the V111. Who did Cathrine belong to, Cary or Henry. what line do I trace, you only get one father. Any help would be wonderful. Thank you. Miss Robin
Comment by James P. LaLone on July 21, 2010 at 12:13pm
Would appreciate any additions/corrections to the following, thanks, Jim.

Generation One

1. William WENTWORTH.

He married Dionysia ROTHERFIELD, b. 1277, d. c. 1318/9.

2. i. William b. 1292.

Generation Two

2. William WENTWORTH title: Sir, b. 1292.

He married Isabel POLLINGTON, b. c. 1294, (daughter of William POLLINGTON and unknown).

3. i. William.

Generation Three

3. William WENTWORTH.

He married Jocosa TYNSLOE.

4. i. John b. 1305.

Generation Four

4. John WENTWORTH, b. 1305.

Also listed as a s/o William & Isabella POLLINGTON.

Marriedi Jane Le TYAS, also known as Joan,1 b. 1305.

5. i. John b. 1320.

Generation Five

5. John WENTWORTH, b. 1320.

Married1 Alice BASSET, also known as BISSETT,1 b. c. 1320, (daughter of Roger BASSET and unknown).

6. i. John b. c. 1345.

Generation Six

6. John WENTWORTH, b. c. 1345, d. aft. 1413.

Married1 Agnes DRONSFIELD, b. c. 1350.

7. i. John.
ii. Richard WENTWORTH.

Generation Seven

7. John WENTWORTH, d. 20 Jun 1461.

He married Elizabeth BEAUMONT.

8. i. Roger b. 1397.

Generation Eight

8. Roger WENTWORTH title: Sir, Knight, b. 1397 in Nettlestead, Suffolk, England, d. aft. 5 Jun 1452 - 24 Oct 1452.1,ii

Also listed as s/o John & Agnes DRONSFIELD.

Married 25 Jun 1423,2 Maud DESPENCER, also known as Margaret, Margery,1,2 b. 1407 in Nettlestead, Suffolk, England, (daughter of Philip le DESPENCER and Elizabeth de TIBETOT) d. 20 Apr 1478.1,2

Maud: 1m. John, Lord ROOS.

9. i. Henry b. 1426.
ii. Agnes WENTWORTH, b. 1434.

10. iii. Philip b. c. 1424.

Generation Nine

9. Henry WENTWORTH, b. 1426 in Nettlestead, Suffolk, England, d. 22 Mar 1482/3 in Nettlestead, Suffolk, England.1,2

(1) Married1,2 Elizabeth HOWARD, (daughter of Henry HOWARD and unknown).

11. i. Roger.
ii. Elizabeth WENTWORTH, d. 1528.

(1) She married William ALLINGTON, d. 1485 in Bosworth Field (see note 1).
(2) She married William CHEYNE, (son of John CHEYNE and unknown).
(3) She married Robert CHAMBERLAIN.

iii. Margaret WENTWORTH.

(1) She married John ASHFIELD.
(2) She married Edmund WINGFIELD.

iv. Henry WENTWORTH, d. 1511.
v. Thomas WENTWORTH.
vi. William WENTWORTH.
vii. Robert WENTWORTH, d. 1551,1 buried in Gosfield.1
viii. Agnes WENTWORTH.

Married1 Robert TIMPERLEY, d. 1494.1


(1) She married Thomas TIMPERLEY, d. 1505.
(2) She married Edward HARVEY.
(3) She married _____ PAULET.

12. x. Margery.

(2) Married1 Joan FitzSIMON, (daughter of Robert FitzSIMON and unknown).

xi. Nicholas WENTWORTH, d. 1552/3.1

Married1 Jane JOCELYN, (daughter of John JOCELYN and unknown) d. 1569,1 buried in Burnham Chruch, Bucks.1

10. Philip WENTWORTH, b. c. 1424, d. 27 May 1464.1

He married Mary CLIFFORD, b. c. 1416, d. 13 Oct 1478.

13. i. Henry b. c. 1450.

Generation Ten

11. Roger WENTWORTH title: Knight, d. 1539,1 buried in church of Wethersfield.1

Married1 Anna TYRELL, (daughter of James TYRELL and Anne ARUNDELL) d. 1534,1 buried in church of Wethersfield.1

Anna: Unsure of parents, also listed as Humphrey & Isabel HELION.
i. John WENTWORTH, b. 1494,1 d. 15 Sep 1567,1 buried in Gosfield church,1 occupation sheriff of cos. Essex & Hertford.1

Married1 Anne BETTENHAM, (daughter of John BETTENHAM and unknown) d. Nov 1575,1 buried in Gosfield church.1

ii. Roger WENTWORTH, d. 1557.

(1) He married Mary _____.
(2) Married1 Alice BUCKFORD, (daughter of William BUCKFORD and unknown).

iii. John WENTWORTH, also known as Jr., d. 1566.1

Married1 Jane SHORDICH, (daughter of Richard SHORDICH and unknown).


(1) Married1 Edmund SHAW.
(2) Married1 _____ EVERARD.
(3) Married1 Francis CLOPTON.

v. Margaret WENTWORTH.

She married John BERNEY, b.1

vi. Henry WENTWORTH, d. c. 1545.

Married 1528,1 Agnes HAMOND, (daughter of Reginald HAMOND and unknown) d. 1574,1 buried 3 Sep 1574.1

Agnes: She 2m to William WILFORD.

12. Margery WENTWORTH, d. 1540,1 buried 7 May 1540 in Bures, co. Suffolk, ENG.1,2

Married1,2 William WALDEGRAVE, d. 1528,1 buried 30 Jan 1527/8 in Bures, co. Suffolk, ENG.2

i. Margaret WALDEGRAVE.

Marriediii John ST.JOHN, (son of John ST.JOHN and Sybil of GEVENT-ISCOED).

ii. George WALDEGRAVE.2

13. Henry WENTWORTH title: Baron DeSpenser, b. c. 1450, d. 10 Aug 1499.1

(1) He married Anne SAY, b. c. 1453, d. 1478.

i. Edward WENTWORTH, b. c. 1470.
ii. Giles WENTWORTH, also known as Gyles, b. 1471.

Unsure of parentage.

He married unknown.

iii. Jane WENTWORTH, b. c. 1472.
iv. Margaret WENTWORTH, nickname Margery, b. c. 1474, d. Oct 1550.

She married John SEYMOUR title: Sir, b. c. 1476, d. 31 Dec 1536.

v. Richard WENTWORTH, b. c. 1475, d. 27 Oct 1528.

He married Anne TYRRELL, b. 1479.

vi. Elizabeth WENTWORTH, b. c. 1476, d. c. 1542.
vii. Dorothy WENTWORTH, b. c. 1478, d. bef. 1506.

(2) He married Elizabeth de NEVILLE, b. 1464, d. 30 Sep 1515.

Note 1 Killed.

i Rutton, William Loftie, THREE BRANCHES OF THE FAMILY OF WENTWORTH (London, 1891), From charts in book, no pages gives.
ii Weis, Frederick Lewis (add. & corr. by Walter Lee Sheppard, Jr.), Ancestral Roots of Certain American Colonists Who Came to A merica before 1700, Seventh Edition (Genealogical Publishing Co., Inc., Baltimore, 1993), 169.
iii Wright, Evelyn, FORGOTTEN FAMILIES OF HERTFORDSHIRE AND BEDFORDSHIRE (Book Castle, Dunstable, Eng., 2003), 144.
Comment by Virginia Bunn on July 20, 2010 at 8:10pm
anyone looking for translations is an excellent; it has several languages
Also I'm looking for info on Jasper (Roger) Cholmley(c.1548 - 1577):
Son of Richard Cholmeley, Knight and Margaret Conyers. He was born in England and immagrated/died to/in Pennsylvania
Comment by James P. LaLone on June 13, 2010 at 8:04am
Anybody read Latin? Thanks, Jim.
Comment by James P. LaLone on April 27, 2010 at 11:51am
From the soc.genealogy.medieval site:

Newsgroups: soc.genealogy.medieval
From: "Simon Fairthorne"
Date: Tue, 27 Apr 2010 16:20:39 +0100
Local: Tues, Apr 27 2010 11:20 am
Subject: Medieval History research project

You may be interested in this announcement from King's College London: Cheers. Simon

Major Leverhulme Medieval History grant awarded The Leverhulme Trust has awarded a large research project grant to King's, to be led by Dr Stephen Baxter, Reader in Medieval History. The grant of over £250,000 will enable King's to employ Dr Chris Lewis, one of the
world's leading authorities on eleventh-century England, and to appoint a new post-doctoral research fellow, for the two-year project.

The project will be implemented and published online by the Centre for
Computing in Humanities (CCH) at King's. The project, 'Profile of a Doomed Elite: The Structure of English Landed Society in 1066', will use innovative methods for interpreting Domesday Book to survey the whole of English landed society on the eve of the Norman Conquest in 1066, identifying landowners at all levels of society from the king and earls down to the parish gentry and even some prosperous peasants.
Dr Baxter comments: 'It may seem astonishing that this has never been done before, since the evidence has existed for more than 900 years. Domesday Book is the most complete survey of any medieval landed society, and provides a unique opportunity to reconstruct the distribution of landed wealth in eleventh-century England. It has been intensively studied, but until now progress has been blocked: the way pre-Conquest landholders are recorded creates major difficulties in identifying and distinguishing individuals of the same name; gathering, comparing, and mapping the evidence by hand has been prohibitively time-consuming; and evidence about landholders in other sources (such as chronicles and charters) has not been systematically pulled together.'

Recent research on two fronts has transformed this situation. Publications by Baxter, Lewis, and others have shown that Domesday Book can be used to make many more secure identifications of landowners than had ever been thought possible; and the imminent publication of 'The Prosopography of Anglo-Saxon England' (PASE) will allow the evidence to be assembled, mapped, and compared with other sources much more efficiently.

PASE will provide a prosopography - a list of everything known - for every person recorded throughout the entire Anglo-Saxon period from the sixth century to the eleventh. It has been based at King's and the University of Cambridge, and has been funded by the Arts and Humanities Research Council over eight years in two phases. The second phase, due for publication in summer 2010, will extend PASE's coverage of the eleventh century, and will make a comprehensive database of Domesday landholders linked to mapping facilities freely available online. Dr Baxter concludes: 'The research project will build on and refine PASE's coverage of the late Anglo-Saxon nobility on the eve of its demise. It opens up the prospect of a major breakthrough in our knowledge of the Norman Conquest, one of the defining moments in English and European history.'
Comment by Anne Cole on March 7, 2010 at 4:47am
Has anyone tried searching the TNA website recently? Someone told me that there were Petitions available for free download; I put Duncalf in the search box on the home page and the first result entry was for a petition dated between 1471-1483 (it had been sent to Edward IV during the life of Edward V). It was in English and I was able to transcribe it all but about 10 words that a friendly archivist read for me. The petition was from Thomas Duncalf of Cheshire (supposedly lived between 1420 and 1480) and is the second earliest document that I have found so far; absolutely fantastic to read the words of a possible ancestor written so long ago.
Comment by Debbie Kennett on December 21, 2009 at 6:59am
The Medieval English Genealogy website has recently been updated with links to some important new online resources, including the first 12 volumes of the Calendar of Inquisitions Post Mortem through to 1370. The full list can be seen here.
Comment by James P. LaLone on December 2, 2009 at 9:34am
Based on the will of Thomas HILL (see WHITEBREAD forum on Genealogy Wise) we now know that Eleanor, mother of Alice WHITBREAD (who married Gerard SPENCER) was a HILL. We now must correct all assumptions that she was a RADCLIFFE. Where do we go from here?

The article in The American Genealogist (TAG), v.32 #3 (Jul 1956, pp.134-5) states: “There is reason to believe that Eleanor was related in some way to a prominent RADCLIFFE family.” Many people ran with this making Eleanor a daughter of a RADCLIFFE, most often Edward, with no documentation at all!

The article goes on to say “On 1 Aug. 1611, Sir Edward RADCLIFFE of Elstow, Knt., for 32 pounds, conveyed to John Radwell of Kempston, ploughwright, a messuage or tenement in Elstowe, giving a convenant of assurance against Dame Isabel RADCLIFFE, late of Elstowe, deceased, his mother. And the same date, John WHITBREAD of Elstow, husbandman, for 20 pounds, gave to John Radwell assurance of quiet enjoyment of the same premises against ‘Elner WHITBREAD of Elusetowe.’ his mother'. [Publications of the Bedfordshire Historical Record Society, 4:22-23.]”

It would seem that it is Isabel RADCLIFFE & Eleanor WHITBREAD who are related. Now Isabel was born a HERVEY, so it appears that focus on a HILL & HERVEY relationship needs to be determined. Additions, corrections, comments appreciated, thanks, Jim.
Comment by James P. LaLone on December 2, 2009 at 9:30am
Isabel HERVEY / HARVEY b. c. 1510/2 in Bedfordshire, who married c. 1545 to Humphrey RADCLIFFE, she was the daughter of Edmund HARVEY / HERVEY and Margaret WENTWORTH. Margaret was the daughter of Gyles / Giles WENTWORTH and unknown. Does anyone know who Margaret’s mother was? Thanks, Jim.
Comment by James P. LaLone on December 2, 2009 at 9:28am
There are a number of variations of the early HERVEY (HARVEY) genealogy given in THE VISITATION OF SUFFOLKE made by William Hervey, ed. by Joseph Jackson Howard, v.2, 1868, pp. 134-205 (available from google books). Leo van Pas on his Genealogics website has still another variation. Does anyone know what the definitive genealogy is on this family or what sources (articles) may correct the printed/posted genealogies? WorldConnect on Rootsweb has numerous listings but again which, if any, are correct? Thanks, Jim.

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