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How to create a list of persons with a specific surname who are not linked to any parents

I am trying to produce a list using Legacy's Search/find/Detailed Search function to create a listing of all persons with a specific surname (in this case the surname is BEST) who don't have any parents linked to them. 

Seems easy enough but I can't seem to accomplish it.  Could anyone suggest how this might be done?

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I am not absolutely sure this will find all of them!

Search>Find>Miscellaneous; check radio button "Linked individuals with no parents"

Create List

On the new screen use Search>Find to take you back to the Miscellaneous Screen and check radio button "Check unlinked individuals". Now check radio button "Add results to existing list"

Create List.


Thanks for the suggestion.  Although the suggestion did not fully satisfy my requirement it did provide a good starting point.  Here's what I did:

Produced a list of "Linked individuals with no parents" using Search/Find/Miscellaneous.  The full list included some 3,104 individuals.

Then used the Search/Find/Detailed Search with the criteria

Look for = Individual

Where to look = Surname

How to look = Equal to

What to look for = Best

The trick in this step was to use the radio button on the bottom of the screen labeled "Only search the Search List".  The new list that was created from the old list of 3,104 individuals now contained 56 individuals, with the surname Best who did not have any parents linked to them, which seemed about correct.

I am now in the process of looking through the list results.

Again, thanks for your assistance, it is appreciated.


Cliff Gittens

Surrey, BC, Canada

Glad that you are having some success. Is there a reason why you did not include a search for unlinked individuals as I suggested? I am not entirely certain, but it seems to me that this group of "islands" would not have parents either, although I did not test this, nor am I certain whether a single person with parents recorded would be classified as unlinked or not.

I should have added the bit about searching for a specific surname :-)

Hi Ron,

I was fairly sure that everyone in my BEST family research was entered into Legacy as either a husband and wife or a child with at least one parent.  I "assumed " that these would be defined as linked individuals, whereas a single person not linked to anyone would be an unlinked individual.  As I don't believe I have any unlinked individuals I skipped that portion of your suggestion.

What I will do after I finish analyzing the information that I have produced is run  a list using View/Tree Finder.  If I have any BEST family unlinked individuals they should show up in that report.

Again, thanks for you assistance.

Cliff Gittens

Surrey, BC, Canada

Thanks, Cliff, that clarifies it, I just wondered if my suggestion re islands had been proven incorrect.

I will have to try that. Which software do you use for that?



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