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Ok so I have all this information stored and I have been playing around with Legacy so I know most of the basics for adding information and all that but there is a lot of how to stuff out there. I was wondering what are some of the better sources of information for getting started after you know the basics. What do you suggest for a good guide for using the program?

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Hi Daniel, Have you tried this website?  Lots of good info and free training videos.  Good luck.


Hey Daniel,

Sally hit the nail on the head. There are a few free videos available at the home site [Sally's link]. Don't discount the Help menu. I have referred to it many times and I think it is quite good. Even after I had been using Legacy for about a year, I bought the whole training video set. They are very good - a little pricy, but very good. If you wanted to take a very nice vacation dedicated to genealogy, there is the annual Legacy cruise every autumn. I also recommend the Legacy Users Email Group shown at the bottom of Sally's link. You may find more emails in your inbox than you prefer, but there is a welth of user information in the emails and you can also search the List Archives. You can always use the list to ask a question yourself. You will often recieve answers within minutes of asking! Best of luck. I am sure you will enjoy all the features and shortcuts you will learn about from these sources.

Ron, you can get the book on Legacy.  It's available on the website.  Also it has a "cheat sheet" on the back of the book. The training aids are not that expensive and great for newbies and veterans alike. There is always something new to learn or something to appreciate more.

God bless,




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