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Can someone tell me why after the latest update I am getting a problem with only having the year in date section and how I can change it to accept this with having to change my entries.




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Hi Maggi,
I don't know about others, but I am unclear about what date section you are referring to. Birth, Marriage, Death?
I have updated to 7.04.25 and the dates I have looked at are all OK.
Hi Bob
I originallly downloaded a Gedcom from Ancestry last month when my computer had to go to the Doctors and I was using my laptop. I did another download yesterday to update all the additions I had made to my ancestry tree and Legacy will not merge any old entries and has duplicated everything with the message that the date is unacceptable. Quite a few of the entries only have the year eg 1871 on either a birth, death or marriage, not necessarily all three for one person. As I cannot afford to get certificates for everyone I have used the census to calculate say birth year and there a few entries from other researchers which have only recorded a year also.
I never had a query from Legacy on the first Gedcom download just this last one, so presumed there had been changes made to the program.
I have ticked in the Options section to record dates as say 28 Mar 2010 but there is nothing there to untick for just a year.
Hope you can help

Have you checked the contents of the GEDCOM, it seems as though you have two separate GEDCOMs which give different results. You can open them in Notepad (or similar) and check if the full date is present in the second one. If not then the problem is with the GEDCOM creation and not Legacy. If it is correct, have you checked your import settings, although I confess that off-hand I'm not sure if there is one for dates.
have you ever used the "compare two files for duplicates" feature under the Tools menu? I use that all the time to compare versions. It might be worth your while giving that a try, as it is an easy way to compare two gedcoms.



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