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I'm having trouble reading the name of the town in Germany that my great-great-grandmother Christina Nagel was born in. She married Carl Joseph Schneider in Bonn, Nordrhein-Westfalen. He was born in Erpel, Rheinland-Pfalz, and his mother was born there too, but his father was born in Remagen, Rheinland-Pfalz (the next town over, across the river). After Carl Joseph Schneider and Christina Nagel married they lived in Remagen and their children were baptized there, and in 1892 they immigrated to St. Louis, Missouri. Christina Nagel's father was from Hermühlheim, Nordrhein-Westfalen (I'm not sure if he was born and baptized there or if he just lived there for a while, but I have a book of compiled Remagen Catholic Church records which says that is where he was from). He was buried in Remagen, so he may have moved there eventually. I'm not sure where her mother was from, or where her parents married. Does the name that I can't read on the marriage certificate look like any town near the ones I have mentioned? Any idea what it says?

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Thanks for trying! I actually have some of the information that you couldn't read. Sibilla's maiden name was Lindlohr, and Christina Nagel's mother was Anna Maria Aussem. I just need to figure out where Christina was born. You transcribed that as "Jhendenede," but a Google search on that word turned up nothing at all, not even a single result, so that may not be correct.
It looked more like "Thendeneste" to me, but I never saw enough german handwriting to be very sure. You might try variations on the two suggestions.
Hi again, if you haven't looked at this you might find it interesting, see how many Nagels live where in Germany. Berlin area has the most it looks like:

I was looking at maps, with all the towns you listed trying to see where the one we can't quite make out might be, They are all about 300 miles WSW from Berlin, I was playing around with the ShtetlSeeker trying to find town possibilities in those area, I'm still looking.
Thanks for the link! I've seen a similar site, but not that one. Nagel is a common name, so I'm probably not related to the ones in Berlin. Thank you for looking!
Didn't mean you were necessarily related to ones in Berlin, but the map shows where the concentrations of Nagels are, and "your" towns are not so far away abt 300 miles.
out of curiousity is this one yours? his residence is St Louis,MO:

Name Residence Age Born* Arrived
#36 Schneider, Carl St. Louis 39 1853 1892
That sure sounds like him; the name and immigration year are correct, the age is close, and he lived in St. Louis after he immigrated. Where is that from?
from however he'd already have been in the USA in order to list residence as St Louis, maybe its a second trip?
I haven't found the family's immigration record yet, but there is an article on the Internet (from some type of German yearbook) with emigration information and it said that Karl Josef Schneider from Remagen immigrated in 1892 with 6 children. That is where he was living, and he had 6 children when he immigrated. I looked at the Ellis Island record and viewed the passenger list. That Carl Schneider is listed as female (so I think either the name or the gender is wrong), and there are only two children, whose names are unfamiliar to me. So I don't think it's him after all.
Beth, I asked a German friend for help also, hope you don't mind.
Of course I don't mind! I need all the help I can get with this. Thank you so much!
ok, will let you know what I hear back!



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