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I registered my surname interests as KNIBB KNIBBS and NIBBS only to discover that a lower case search on those names at genealogywise didn't work for me. To resolve the problem I've added Knibb Knibbs and Knibbs so anyone searching on either variant (capitals or otherwise) can now find my interests. Perhaps other genealogists used to using capitals for surnames are missing out on contacts. Doubtless the problem (if it does exist as experienced) can be easily remedied with the appropriate coding.

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Like Diane I was only using the "Search Social Network" box so am grateful for the advice re other areas - I just found a Knibbs blog that I would otherwise have missed.

I still cannot understand why originally my registered KNIBB and variant surname interests didn't appear when I and others carried out a search in lower case. Nevertheless, a lower case search does now seem to work for any interest surname howsoever registered.
That is a little odd. Maybe it was a glitch then. Or maybe something that was fixed by the programming team after you were experiencing the initial problem.




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