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I registered my surname interests as KNIBB KNIBBS and NIBBS only to discover that a lower case search on those names at genealogywise didn't work for me. To resolve the problem I've added Knibb Knibbs and Knibbs so anyone searching on either variant (capitals or otherwise) can now find my interests. Perhaps other genealogists used to using capitals for surnames are missing out on contacts. Doubtless the problem (if it does exist as experienced) can be easily remedied with the appropriate coding.

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I just did a search for 'derham' - a surname that I posted in capitals. The appropriate post came up in the search results. Maybe yours is another kind of problem? Hope so, as using capitals for surnames in posts is long established in genealogy.
Thanks but when I searched Derham in the box top right of the screen, your entry on Somerset Group site appeared but not your own page. Do you have DERHAM interest registered there?
No, I don't. (But I will add those Somerset surnames there).
I'll search again in a mo assuming you do enter in capitals
Searching on Derham in lower case does now bring up your page so if you did enter it in capitals, there isn't an issue.
Yes, I did enter them in capitals. So, maybe this is another kind of problem.
Nope, I think all a red herring unless the problem was resolved when I first reported it a couple of weeks ago in Genealogy tips.
This is a feature or drawback, depending on how you look at it. Search boxes on a Ning social network (like GW), will only search for the area you are currently in.

There are five primary areas: Blogs, Forums, Videos, Photos, Groups. Additionally in regard to searching groups, you can search all groups from the main Groups page, or within a single group by opening the Discussion Forum for that group and searching.

Also you can search for surnames another user is interested in by clicking the Members link and then clicking Advanced Search. Here you can find the field for "surnames are you interested in" and search for members who have entered a particular surname.

Searches are not case sensitive; I've tested several different surname groups and have not had any problems. Its just a matter of searching in the right area. I know the GW staff is working to refine the searching capabilities to make them better; but my assessment is that this is not an error or defect. Whether you think it a feature or drawback, I believe its just part of understanding how the system handles it.
Additionally in regard to searching groups, you can search all groups from the main Groups page, or within a single group by opening the Discussion Forum for that group and searching.
To reiterate on this a little...
If for example, you are in the Group Discussion Forum for Knibbs, and you search for Derham -- you will (most likely) not get any results. Because there are (most likely) no occurrences of Derham within the Knibbs discussions.

To actually do a thorough search for Derham (or any surname), you would be best to first search from the Groups main page. After that try the Members Advanced Search. Then in case there's any additional information out there, do a search of the Forums, then Photos, then Videos. This is how you would do a complete search of GW for a surname.
Searching from the 'Search Social Network' box at my top right of each GW page seems to bring up 'all' results.

Not sure why I would need to use the Groups or Members search, let alone do each individual search. (That main search box isn't very obvious to people, perhaps another problem with using 'Ning' right out of the box. )

But, for instance, if I was only searching for a group, I'd use the search box under the 'All Groups' title on the groups page, etc. or I could use the 'Network' search box & add 'group' to my query. Working well for me so far. Someday there will be a FAQ page for GW, right? :-)

You're absolutely right. I don't think I've ever even noticed that search box up there.

I'll rework my HOW TO.

It is still worth noting that the search box in any given area will only search that area; but yea, you can use that box with "Search Social Network" in the upper right from anywhere to get a search of the whole site.
I also just posted a HOW TO on thorough searching.

Thanks for bringing this to light Alan; hope I cleared things up for you.

Let me know if you have any questions.



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