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I know which areas I enjoy producing the most for the shows, but I often wonder if my faves are your faves. What do you look forward to hearing most in the podcast? Or what has been your favorite "gem" so far? I want to make sure that I'm covering what you want to hear!

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More on your Organization series. Two specific areas, File naming and Photographs on the computer. The photograph piece to include filenaming, how to capture the reverse side of the photo and GeoTagging. You had an email, if I remember correctly on the reverse side, but put into the organizational context. I would say Photo recognition, but I am not sure that PC based software is there yet.

I have tons of photos on the PC, another ton waiting to be scanned. Now, how to get them organized.

Thank you,

Keep up the Great work.

Updates to websites. I hope that you keep in mind that you also have an international audience, and it is not just US based researchers who like to hear all the news. I have not caught up with your latest podcasts but I know you are a Google expert so some discussion on new things at Google and Google Wave for example would be great - further to all this web 2.0 & social networking we all get into. But keep it up the great work. I do enjoy listening to you.



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