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Free Ebooks, 1865, 1866, Beamish Murdock, Esq. History of Nova Scotia or Acadie, Vol. I & II

 Here is a link to free books on "History of Nova Scotia or Acadie"-(actual titles of the books by Beamish Murdock, Esq.  books were written in 1865 and 1866.  I have a tendency to read and research from these books, more than from current books, because I find the "facts" usually much more accurate.  Using these sort of books, one is able to continue of verify research, names, dates, etc, using info's found within books written in these time periods.  Usually the authors of the books have obtained old journals, diaries, war records, etc,  which are their sources for the books.  Not all authors, but a majority of them.

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