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originally posted to Douglas Archives , thank you William .

The Inquisitive Party

A choice encounter with a very inquisitive party who contacted me  nearly begging me to  volunteer my time in searching for a long lost Great~grandfather~So & So ,  [ who I located ] , despite the language barrier .So  without a shred of forthcoming information , I ask the relevant questions of who , what , when & where .... followed by I don't know ,  I don't know ,  I don't know &  I don't know .

 A few weeks later ,in presentation of Great~grandfather~So & So's particulars to confirm the correct identity,   I was immediately  informed that I needed to look for grandfather So & So  as well 

Still with over a month invested  firm in my resolve to not  give up I addressed the inquisitive party with photos of the area in question with possible kinsman included , hoping for a visual recognition  ...

 The inquisitive party responded in a very negative tone and I was reminded sharply that their attention and time were needed elsewhere

 Now minus a volunteer , 


until such time as

monkeys fly outta my butt 

...........the inquisitive party will remain as such  

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The reason I re-posted this is , I had reached that burning point of frustration when I jotted this down and posted it  that was two years ago , the inquisitive party is still inquisitive as far as i know .  

 Come September this will be 4 years , no monkeys either  .  



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