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[ source: Sacramento Daily Union, Volume 3, Number 312, 22 March 1852 ]

FOR SYDNEY. DIRECT— The first class British Bark ORISSA, 6OO tons burthen, Copper and Copper fastened , Robt .Drysdale, commander, will sail positively for the above port on or about the 20th March inst. She has a poop cabin, and the best accommodations for cabin, family and steerage passengers. Parties at the mines, desirous of securing passage by this splendid vessel, can do so by remitting a deposit to either of the undersigned, and they will be advised, by post, of the exact day of her departure. Capt. Drysdale has had long experience in the passenger trade, and every comfort may be expected
DUPUY. FOULKES & CO.. Iron Building.

Jackson st. Wharf. JOSEPH 11. SCRUTTON

Rose Shipping Office. Pacific street.
[Late R. L. Pattison.]
N. B. Sydney papers can be seen at the Shipping Office.   

Notarial acts of Adam Drijsdale captain of the two-masted brig ship called Nepthunus Latest come from Rotterdam to Cherbourg FRANCE loaded with gin, staves and hoops now lying in the port of den Briel. HE on the 5th day of this month sailed off day and arrived at the port with the same seven-member crew all on board .They had a Pilot to go to sea immediately but prompted by headwinds  it was not possible to go to sea...
If any one understands Dutch it would be a help
google translated this.
SCHIP is when it hit the Ice and on the 7th of this ice is suddenly disconnected and HE was not forced to come up with the Ice SHIP SHIP you to preserve and to charge heavy rope in two throws you Caps and SCHIP has fallen to the ground by the storm. HE Has a boat for assistants and Order for SCHIP is retained 200 gld in the port charged.
Record number:
Act Date:
Type of acts:
ship statement
Notary Name:
HM van Andel
Access Number:
110 Notaries
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Last modified 05-01-2011


110-1215 Nadere toegang op inventarisnummer 1215 van toegang 110
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Notariële acts Adam Drijsdale kapitein van het tweemast brikschip genaamd Nepthunus Laatste gekomen van Rotterdam met bestemming Cherbourg in FRANKRIJK Beladen met jenever, duigen hoepen thans liggende en in de haven van den Briel. HIJ is met een 7 koppige Bemanning op deze van de 5e maand afgezeild en dag op dezelfde Alhieron in de haven aangekomen. Zij direct hebben om een LOODS gevraagd doch door tegenwind was het om naar zee onmogelijk you komen. SCHIP is Toen het in het Ijs the geraakt en het op de 7e dezer is Ijs plots klaps losgeraakt en HIJ was genoodzaakt om niet onder het met SCHIP Ijs you komen tot behoud van SCHIP en om het lading zware Touw in two worpen you Kappen en het SCHIP is door de storm aan de grond geraakt. HIJ Heeft een sloep ter assistants Bestel en voor het SCHIP is 200 gld behouden in de haven gebracht.
Aard van de acts:
Naam notary:
HM van Andel
110 Notarissen

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Replies to This Discussion

Interesting reference to the earl Douglas in the attachment. Do you know anything about this vessel?

My shipping page:

No I do not , however in searching , I found at

Earl Douglas .(cargo, gt 272, built 1850, dead)

Earl of Douglas(cargo, built 1906, at Port Glasgow; tonnage: 4267)

Sarah E Douglas(schooner, 1888)

Empire Douglas(cargo, gt 1925, built 1944, dead)

Launched in 1943 as Wilhelmshaven for Hamburg America Line. Seized in May 1945 at Kiel. To MoWT and renamed Empire Douglas [Wiki]

Just as well post these . 

Douglas named Ships gleaned from

Australian National Maritime Museum Library ships pictures index. Rev ed. 2007

Ship name              Type Tonnage Date Build        type of Vessel 

Baron Douglas         SS   6200       1932                   Steam Ship

Ref: p.136  Talbot-Booth, E. C.. - Merchant ships 1949-1950. - London : 

Sampson Low, Marston, 1950

Ship name              Type Tonnage Date Build        type of Vessel 

Cape Douglas           SS  7156         1943                  Steam Ship

Ref: p.166 Charles, Roland W. - Troopships of World War II. -

Ship name              Type Tonnage Date Build        type of Vessel 

Douglas                    Bk     380          1862                 Barque

Ref:Illustrated Sydney News

Ship name              Type Tonnage Date Build        type of Vessel 

Douglas                     S    1428          1873?                Ship

Ref: p.241 Brett, Henry, Sir. - White wings. Vol. 1 - Auckland : Brett, 1920

Ship name              Type Tonnage Date Build        type of Vessel 

Marion G Douglas    Sr     449           1917                 Schooner

Ref: p.130-131 Parker, John P. - Sails of the maritimes : the story of the three and four-masted cargo schooners of Atlantic Canada 18591929. - [London] : John P. Parker, 1960.

Ship name              Type Tonnage Date Build        type of Vessel 

William Douglas       S     1263          1875                 Ship

Ref: p.197 Wallace, Frederick William. - In the wake of the wind-ships : notes records and biographies pertaining to the square rigged merchant marine of British North America. - London : Hodder and Stoughton, 1927.



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