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May G. WilliamsonThe Non-Celtic Place-Names of the Scottish Border Counties , Unpublished PhD thesis , University of Edinburgh, 1942

May G. WilliamsonThe Non-Celtic Place-Names of the Scottish Border CountiesUnpublished PhD thesis , University of Edinburgh, 1942

SCANDINAVIAN (The names are Old WSc unless otherwise stated)Dryfesdale [ in list ] page xxvi

DRYFESDALE:Driuesdale, c 1124 Glas; 1189 CDS; Drivis-, 1249 ib; 1452 HMC (Drml); Driffisdaill, 1501ib; Drysdale (P), 1541 ib; Drisdaill, 1552-3 CSP. ON Drífsdalr, from a personal name Drífr(Lind, 203). The river-name must be a back-formation from this. Dryfe is also recordedindependently as a place-name: in 1372 the lands of Over Driff are mentioned in HMC (Jhn).Dryf, 1572 HMC (Drml), is a place or district, probably in the vicinity of the present DryfeLodge (H & C). The Scots surname Drysdale comes from the 16th Century spellings of Dryfesdale
page 118

I agree with every bit of that except the last sentence  , for it is a generalization , a standardization of 40+ recorded variants of the same name , and Hugh of Dryfesdale was noted first in the year 1274  on the quitclaim of land of Todrig , which was witnessed by Heirs of Aymer Maxwell | Nicholas of Synton, master | Aymer Maxwell | Maurice, chaplain (Coldstream) | Alexander, clerk (Coldstream) | Coldstream Priory | Richard, chaplain of Bishop William of Glasgow, vicar of Ashkirk | Robert of Coldstream, clerk | Alexander of Synton (II), sheriff of Fife | John of Lilliesleaf | John of Musselburgh

A couple of things to note here ...  notice there is nothing even mentioned about Driscol , in fact the title clearly points this out
''TheNon-Celtic Place-Names of the Scottish Border Counties'' 
Driscol originated as a Celtic name . Any body Driscol or Drysdale that claims one is relative to the other clearly has no Idea of the disciple know to most of us as etymology .

Oh those ''Drysdale , another celtic legend'' Tee-Shirts are bull , dont buy that garbage it's a lie ,Sasquatch  , Loch-ness monster  ,They are legends , my people are real . Know who you come from and be proud .

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How about -
The modern spelling of the surname Drysdale developed from the 16th century onwards?

It wasnt until the 17th Century when printers move to regulate commonplace spellings this took place , imported from england. 

still there are plenty of variants in use today

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