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I have received the Death Certificate of Lily Conybeare and I found that she died at the City Hospital of Plymouth at the age of 36 years with Tubercolouses  on the 12th May 1932, she was assisted by her Brother in Law with the name J.G Palton and his residence was at 30 monument Street Devonport Plymouth,   Lily Conybeare was a Domestic and on her Death Certificate her last address was 16 John Street Devonport .





Thankyou in advance for your help




Hello all ,I am from Malta and  I am looking for a a person her name is Lily Coneybeare born in 1895 - died 1932, she was from Devonport Plymouth, Can anyone help me trace some relatives of her as she is mother of my grandfather but we have no information about her. Hope I find help here

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Hi Shawn,
My home was originally Plymouth and I am aware of the family name, I am now near Exeter but can look up some records for you, if you would like to send me details on a private message I will see what can be done.
If it is living relatives you are after I will have to be careful, but send me anything you have.

Yes I will be very happy and grateful for your help. Also i can send you somer documents that I found on internet

Thanks again

Hi Shawn,

The name Coneybeare appears to be quite uncommon. There are not a lot of them about !

I have found a possible birth but not in 1895. There do not appear to be any births for Coneybeare in 1895.

Have also found two Coneybeare births that COULD be siblings. Both born in Plymouth which could help to trace her.

Like Mike, will not mention these other two names here. If you need this information send me a private message.

Mike will no doubt come up trumps living in the area so I'll leave it there for now !

Best wishes

Dear Sonia

Thankyou very much for your help. I found this information from the 1911 Census and the birth year is 1895, the district is Devonport, maybe the date is wrong on the census?

Im new to this site can you please tell me how I can send private msg?

Thanks a million

Hi Shawn,

Censuses are not always 100% with dates !

I too have access to the 1911 Census but am not able to do look-ups due to the policy to which I am bound ! However, if you could let me know her parents and any siblings that you have found there I can take it from there.

I think you send a private message by clicking on our individual Profiles. No expert here, I'm afraid !

Best wishes

Dear sonia

I guess we can send private by accept invitation from me as friend as I did with michael. I do not know her parents but her son was my grandfather that was John Coneybeare,
Family in 1901 were at 1, Ordnance Court, Devonport,Plymouth, all family born in Devonport except father William born in Barnstable and mother from Cornwall. There are several Coneybeare names shown in Plymouth today,send me some more name and approx dob, as I have access to birth registers and may find something fairly easily.

A visit 2 search name and Devon will show you some but be cautious as they may or may not be direct family.

This makes sense. Coneybeare (with about 10-15 different spellings) is a common and very old name in Devon, especially in North Devon. So it makes sense that the father was from Barnstaple.

Regarding Lilian herself, I see a birth from FreeBMD for Lilian May Coneybeare April-June 1901...which is not 1895. Maybe Lilian was a name used in many generations of the family.

But was Lilian married? If Shawn's grandfather's name is Coneybeare, Lilian's maiden name would likely be different. Unless she was not married.
Dear Richie

We do not know if Lily was married or no what I know that my grandfather was born out of wedlock from her. What I am sure that this Lily/or Lilian died soon after my grandfather born we say around 1 year infact i found documents when my grandfather came to malta with his stepmother that was 1934 from plymouth to Malta. so he was only 2 years, also I found on an online register a woman Lily connybeare that died in 1932 and the dates look similar, that means my grandfather born in 1931, Lily Conybeare died in 1932, my grandfather went to Malta in Grandfather used to say that he never remember his natural mother because she died soon and these dates that I found gave me an indication. I need to contact people fron devonport with the same surname of Coneybeare so I can arrive maybe:)
Hello Shawn.

I live just outside Plymouth. I have found Lilian on the 1911 census and also records of marriages for her and one of her brothers and possible children of this brother. If you would like to contact me will gladly pass on what I have found.

Hi Shawn,

I took 'Coneybeare' at face value ! When trying variations I find Lilian Conybear born March Quarter 1895 Stoke Damerel, Devon. This, I guess, must be the one to whom you refer.

Best wishes

In that case how can i find picture of her or relatives to contact them. However do you have the date when she died? she died young in her 30's



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