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Thank you for adding me. I am just learning about Genealogy Wise in the social media class. I am Mary Mitchell. I am 41. Between my husband and I we have eight girls. They are ages 21 to 10. I will be a grandma in one month to a grandson. I love crafts and Genealogy. My husband and I are both Veterans. I was in the Army as a cook and also as Petroleum supply. I cant wait to learn more to help unlock some family mysteries.

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Welcome Mary Jane! The Social Media class will give you lots of ideas for how you can pursue your genealogy further. Looking forward to hearing how you solve your family mystery!

Hi Mary Jane, I'm glad you're excited about being a student. I'm an older student too and I love how the assignments challenge me to look at facts and history from different points of view. Not only have I learned about my ancestors but I learned about myself as well. Have fun and happy ancestor hunting!

Welcome, Mary Jane.  I took the Social Media Class a few months ago and I enjoyed it.  Good luck with your genealogy journey.

By chance where are your Martin's from?

South Carolina, mainly around Beaufort and Charleston.  My husband did a YDNA test and he matches to a North Carolina Martin so I suspect that the Martins were first in North Carolina and then migrated south in the late 18th century.



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