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Just got an exciting email from a Sheppard cousin in Ireland! Here is the main part of it:

I just want to let you know that not all the Sheppards emigrated. Many of us remained. In fact, we're having a Sheppard family gathering this weekend in Tipperary, just a few short miles from CastleSheppard. CastleSheppard was the home of William Sheppard, the younger brother of Thomas Sheppard.

This weekend gathering coincides with the 100th anniversary of my great-grandfather James Sheppard. We are all there to unveil a memorial to him. Incidentally, my uncle and father are attending it, their names are John and James Sheppard (seems the first names go back to Thomas' sons)

Given the passage of time, (we're into centuries rather than years now), I don't know how many times we're removed, but I just thought you might like to know that there is a thriving Sheppard population still here in Ireland. I myself am hoping to get my research online, so I will post a link to the Sheppard website when I get it up and running.

best wishes

Barry Sheppard

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Hi Barry,
I have researched our line of Sheppard in Co Down and the line has continued for over 100 years as John/ James. Are there any Co Down connections in your line. Enjoy Castle Sheppard. Must visit next time in close. Thanks.
Stephen Sheppard.

So is this the James Sheppard married to Mary Shortt? 

Hello. I am great grandson of Charles Sheppard (1832) who emigrated with his wife Harriet Shortt (1838) to Ontario, CA . I live in the SE US currently. Family history says that Charles was connected to Clifton House and a drawing of the dwelling was passed along by my aunt, his daughter Kathleen. One of my cousins visited the area a couple years ago and was in touch with the current occupant of Clifton House. I have been to Ireland on two occasions but wandered northwest to Donegal to track other parts of my ancestry. I am pleased to make the acquaintance of Sheppards still in Tipperary.

Robert K. Corrington (1945)

Hi Robert
We are definitely cousins! :) On the Shortt side. We have a facebook group for descendants of John Shortt of Tipperary. Hope you'll join us here is the link,

We have a lot of information regarding our Shortt family on here. We have also had a few DNA matches to the Shortt family too.



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