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How about this to help out the programmers. There are many more options using the Ning platform, and the WVR programmers will never know which we prefer unless we ask.

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I think from what GeneJ typed that "SO WISH FL" means that GeneJ wishes FL (FamilyLink, the owner of Genealogy Wise) would have someone in the chat room 24/7. That would be an expensive proposition, wouldn't it?

The chat room here at Genealogy Wise can be entered two different ways that Ol' Myrt here knows of:

1. By clicking the "GENEALOGY WISE CHAT" button in the lower right portion of the Genealogy Wise screen.


2. Clicking "CHAT" on the top right green navigation bar.

I don't work for FamilyLink nor GenealogyWise. It just seemed that no additional time should go past without your having received and answer Trudy.
Thanks Myrtle.....
Ning's chat bar at the bottom doesn't always play nice with IE. Firefox is far better anyway, give it a try.
I wish there were a way to track groups and forum discussions on the site instead of email being the only option (as far as I know; if I'm wrong, please correct me!). Some websites have it set up so that you can order your joined groups by which ones have had recent activity or even have a page from which you can see what that recent activity was and click on links to reach it. Many websites also have the capacity to show which forum discussions have unread posts. I think both of these would be very useful for this website. As others have implied on this thread, the easier you make it for us to do social networking, the MORE we will be on the site, rather than less.

To comment on a couple of above comments: The way fan pages work on most social networking sites is that they provide a way for the object of the fans' devotion to send updates directly to the fans, and oftentimes also a web board so that the fans can write things as well if they want (to the object of the fans' devotion or to other fans, or both). It's different than the way groups work. I think that would be a good idea, too.
You can follow almost anything on here using RSS feeds.

Just look for the little green feed icon:

About the only thing on the site that doesn't have an RSS feed appears to be the Comment Wall on groups.
That's what I get the most notifications from - all useless. Hopefully in time most people won't use the wall for anything but brief intros and we will have more discussions that we can follow on RSS. Still would like to have e-mail include the text from what ever is posted so that I can see it at work - not that I would waste company time ;)
But does it appear on the site itself, or do you need to use an RSS feeder to read it?
As a Group Admin I would like the ability to edit the tags group members put on their discussion posts. Currently I am able to add tags, and of course edit those tags I add, but not those added by others. This would allow me to put all surnames in ALL CAPS (differentiating them from names of counties) and add some conformity to the tags.

While I am sure the option could be abused, I would also like the ability to edit comments on the Comment Wall. Mainly so I could go through and ALL CAP and embolden the surnames - making it a lot easier to page through the comments and see if there are any connections.
It would also be nice if they could add tags themselves from those you have created.
I wish the comment field was a little more robust with indenting and the ability to color text.

I don't ask for much. lol

"Guided by the Ancestors"
Most HTML code is allowed. So with some advanced formatting skills, and a little manual work added in, you can jazz it up however you need.



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