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I tried this question in the NY group, but no takers so trying again here in the open forum.

This may be a rookie question, but.. While tracking down some folks in the 1915 - 1917 NYC Directories I noticed a convention I
need some clarification on.

Two examples from the directory:

  Anna h408 E137th
  Francis J r226 E 27th

What do the "h" and "r" signify before the address? Is "h" head of household or a home owner
and "r" a renter? Something else?

Not sure knowing is even important to the search, but every little bit of understanding helps.



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According to this website:
h means house and r means rear. Though I think that each directory contains a list of the abbreviations used in that
directory, so you might want to check that as well. HTH
Thank you!

I tried looking for a legend in the source directory but must have missed it somehow - but that link you provided is terrific.

Now, if my family could just retroactively change all of their names from John, Michael and Mary to something more unique then I wouldn't have to scan so many directories!



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