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Thank you Jenny!  Interesting connections.  I would love to hear your family story around Ireland.  So much to learn and I have only been focusing on Northern as I understand the family name Breen has larger settlements in the Republic (that would not be a conversation I would want to have with my older family over there

Reach out any time.  You just never know where conversation can lead.

Have a wonderful Holiday!


Hello.. New member here. I am addicted to research and now, researching my family lineage. My family is from Oldtown Dallas County, Alabama. I have been able to trace back to mid 1800’s and (possibly 1812) but stuck. Seems to be no further information. If anyone has any suggestions on how to move forward, I welcome your suggestions. Thank you:)


My name is Joshua Tuck and I am an orthopedic surgeon living with my wife and son in Erie, PA.  I am originally from NH and am a direct descendant of Robert Tuck and the subsequent Tuck line through Hampton, NH.  We have done extensive research on this line and have been approved by many lineal societies, (SAR, SUVCW, Colonial Wars, OFPA, Flagon & Trencher, Colonial Physicians, Presidents and First Ladies, etc.), but have never been able to link up with any Mayflower descendants. 

Does anyone on here happen to have any insight into possible connections to the Mayflower, likely through one of the grandmother's in this line?  These potential women would all be from Hampton, NH or Parsonsfield, ME between 1650 - 1950 and include Huldah Moulton, Abigail Carter, Abigail Huntress, Clara Dale Todd, Mary Philbrick, Bethia Hobbs, and Florence Estelle Griffin.  

Thank you for any advice or direction anyone can provide!

- Josh

Hi All! I’m a newbie. Have been researching my ancestry for about four years. At the moments researching my matrilineal haplogroup A2 any info would be appreciated. Thank you


I live in Pennsylvania, but I am from New Jersey originally. I had taken one course from National Institute for Genealogical Studies about 20 years ago. I now have the time to come back and I am taking the American and DNA program in order to get my certificate in genealogy.

I have been working on my family genealogy for about 34 years after the passing of my paternal grandfather. I love the detective work that goes into finding ones ancestor. I find it very rewarding.

I belong to the Daughters of the American Revolution, Colonial Dames, and the United States Daughters of the War of 1812.


My name is Barton. I live in Ottawa, Ontario Canada. I grew up in Canada until my mid-teens and then lived in the US for about 40 years before returning to Canada 4 years ago.  I'm in the NIGS Canadian Research 3 year program. I have about 20 courses done and am ploughing through. I plan on being a genealogist as a "side hustle" and have begun doing simple work for others in this realm.

I've done about 20 years of work on my Family Tree.  I've done research primarily in Canadian Records and some in Norther Ireland too (Ireland before the split mostly.)

Very happy to be here and to be a part.

My son-in-law is from the Trudeau line, Do you have much info on the Trudeau line ? 


Hi Belinda, I've never researched that line.

OK, thanks !

I'm new in the biz. I'm widespread in my research. Part of my own genetics is a mystery through adoption, though that's not the reason I studied, as I just focus on who I'm actively connected with. I did get sucked into genealogy because I like what goes into the history and the job and the research. Currently I am most uniquely useful for translations, but I am in school (at genealogical studies) for more research topics.

Welcome Mason! What courses are you taking at The Institute? Being able to offer translations is always useful! Check out the groups and see if any are of interest. :)

I'm in my second round of classes, and am currently in Scandinavian Ancestors and Canadian Census Records. Best to make sure to take classes on the stuff I profess to know sooner rather than later.



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