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I have been mainly using ancestry and findmypast.  Thanks for the Cindislist suggestion.


I started researching my family tree in January 2011.  I have become pretty addicted to it!  I have been to a church where an ancestor has a stained glass window dedicated to him and have also been to the National Archives.  My relatives were on the whole miners, ag labourers or in service.  I have two areas where I am stuck.    My Great Grandfather Joseph Paterson was born in Australia because his Father went there as a Miner & Sapper (Royal Engineer).  I know that my Great Great Grandfather Alexander Paterson was born in Lanarkshire (Glasgow) but cannot get any further as the name is so common.  What I am struggling with is the evidence of him being in Australia as a Royal Engineer. 


Second problem is with the Robbins side of my family.  They were miners but somehow my Great Great Grandfather Isaac Robbins changed career to insurance.  ????  Whilst looking into the Robbins side, I have discovered some of them went to Philadelphia to mine there.  This American link is what has led me to this site.  I felt quite sad to discover some distant cousins parents died and they ended up in orphanages.  (A lot of relatives have been in workhouses or classed as paupers but this is somewhat different)  I want to know how the parents died and why their relatives didn't take their children in.


I am looking forward to browsing this site.



I understand why you want to know the circumstances of your relatives death and why the children were put in an orphanage. I have a very similiar problem. My great grandfather died leaving a widow with three boys ages 2,4,6. She put the boys in an orphange that had a widows' home also but they were seperated. Can you image three small boys seperated from their mom and only allowed to see her at certain times? Great grandma did remarry but never spoke of her first husband's family nor of hers. There are no pictures, no wedding certificate, no nothing about the family. What could have caused her to build a wall of silence?

Do you happen to know the where the orphange was ? Most orphanges kept records when the child entered. It would have date, name, age, parents name, what they died of, and where they were buried.

Unfortunately the orphange that my grandfather and his brothers were in what brand new and the record keeping was poor.

Good Luck in your hunting and let us know your results


Hi Judy,


The 1920 census puts the brother (14) in a college (as inmate) but can't read where.  He was split from his younger sister (12) who was at Thompsons Orphan School for girls, Philadelphia Ward 8.  I shall check that out, thanks.



Hi everyone. I am also a web designer and live in a small town in Idaho. Seems like combing through the web all day looking for interesting tidbits is what I do, and thus stumbled upon (Gotta figure out how to contact them and tell them they have a problem resolving without the www... but I digress.)

Latest treat is unearthing old bible belonging to Evaline Winifred Squires who died at the age of 81 in 1949. This Bible actually belonged to Mrs. W. Singleton before Evaline! Long Beach California.

Here's my latest website:


What a thrill to find an old bible! That is awesome!

Karen Spencer

I love the old handwriting... It's a little odd to think that writing by hand is now nostalgic (she says as she types away...)

That is so true. Most of us type our letters. I never did like my handwriting, so hooray for the computer.

I wish you the best of luck in your family tree


I am a military wife with two boys in Idaho. Resarching maybe a year. I am searching  Douda-ruzicka  All from Bohemia (czech republic) Gerard-Harmon-Brown from Evansville, Indiana  Hartley-Straw-Ertl from  Nebraska. I can do some research in the Boise area if anyone needs it.

I'm from New Orleans Louisiana. I have been trying to search my fathers side of my family.My great grandmother name was Mary Agnes {Mamie} Oliphant married name Weysham born in New Orleans Louisiana  October 10th 1884 Died November 2,1963 in New Orleans louisiana . Her father was James m. Oliphant born in Tampico Mexico between 1861-1864 married to a Julia Limerick..He had a sister Mary and a brother William both born in New Orleans.His father was Melville Oliphant either from Scotland or Virginia about 1833-1840 married in 1858 to a Mary Jane Moore in New Orleans louisiana. Do not have any ninfo after this can not find any info on a Melville Oliphant.I do know there was an Oliphant on a schooner  called the Fox that traveled from Tampico and Vera Cruz Mexico to New Orleans in the 1800's with a Captain Oliphant on it. Would appreciate any info on an Oliphant James M. and a Melville.James M. also had a son James M.Jr.,born 1883,son Melville F.1888,daughter Juliet born 1891,son Thomas J. born1895, son Paul H.born1898.




 Thank You for Excepting Me as a Member     Patti                                                                                         

Susi Pentico here from the old Golden Gate Forum, The Genealogy Forum and now here on,

I have been doing research since young with MOM guiding me. I have been on my own for 50 years and enjoy it. I am a big  Medical Genealogy get the word out person. It saved our first child and it could be saving more today. I have been a speaker for 15 years. I have taught at the local County Library system for more than ten years. I am currently the Educational Chairperson of Chula Vista Genealogical Society. California.   I am expecting to do a Vitals Chat here on Thursdays again this fall. Hopefully I will be team teaching with Rita again. I have a blog here and with the geneabloggers group. One is for the classes I teach in Lemon Grove, CA. If only our students learned history via their families backgrounds it would not be boring.  Hope to meet you all in the chat room and learn even more.

Wow! Very inspiring. Look forward to learning more!

Abby @



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