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My grandmother's side of the family came from Harrison Co.

Descendants of Conrad Ackerman

1. Conrad Ackerman
sp: Anna Seltzer
2. Simon Ackerman (b.10 Jul 1723-Rahling,Lorraine,Moselle,Fran;d.6 Feb 1780-Rahling,Lorraine,Moselle,Fran)
sp: Joanna Meyer
sp: Anna Bach (m.3 Nov 1744)
3. Johann Ackerman (b.1748-Rahling,Lorraine,Moselle,Fran)
sp: Barbara Keller (b.1747)
4. Franz Ackerman
sp: Margaretha Moser
5. Francis Ackerman
sp: Babara Ruppert
6. Joseph Franklin Ackerman (b.Mar 1846-Indiana;d.23 Feb 1912-Evans landing,Indiana)
sp: Eliza Anna Mcknight (b.Nov 1846-Harrison County,Indiana;m.16 Nov 1875)
7. Edwin Berry Ackerman (b.2 Aug 1880-Rosewood,Harrison Co,Indiana;d.May 1971-Cinncinatti,Ohio)
sp: Pearl May Langsdon (b.18 Jan 1883-HC,Indiana;m.7 Feb 1901;d.1963-Cinncinatti,Ohio)
8. Charles Edwin Ackerman (b.24 Dec 1901-Evans landing,Indiana;d.Jul 1979-Cinncinatti,Ohio)
sp: Jeanne Ottilia Brederlow (b.9 Jan 1904-Cinncinnati,Ohio)
8. Hazel Marie Ackerman (b.12 Aug 1903-Harrison County,Indiana;d.14 Jan 1981-Elkhart,In)
sp: Frederick Charles Stockmaster (b.26 Oct 1900-Cicero Indiana;m.26 Jan 1926;d.18 Jun 1981-)
9. Martha Louise Stockmaster (b.10 Nov 1928-Frenchlick,Indiana;d.23 Jan 1981-Elkhart,In)

8. Emmett Ackerman (b.17 Jun 1907;d.7 Oct 1991)
sp: Ruby Nell Pierce (b.21 May 1904-St. Clair County Springfield,ALA)
7. Georgeanne Ackerman (b.Jul 1886-Rosewood,Harrison Co,Indiana;d.6 Jul 1886-Rosewood,HC,Indiana)
7. Mabel Ackerman (b.Jun 1887-Harrison County,Indiana)
sp: Fred Gaus
7. Joseph Ackerman (b.7 Nov 1889-Harrison County,Indiana)
sp: Clara C Hall (b.5 Apr 1894-Harrison Co,IN;m.20 May 1919)
8. Mildred E. Ackerman (b.12 Jun 1920-Harrison Co,IN)
7. Martha (Mattie) Ackerman (b.28 Jul 1892-Harrison County,Indiana;d.28 Feb 1976-Louisville,KY)
sp: Thomas.F. Nugent



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