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Who were our ancestors?- Genetic history of Europe - DNA - Truth or Machination from IGENEA ?

Who were our ancestors? From where do we originate?
Most people can trace their
family tree back no further than three or four generations. Thanks to genetic analysis,
however, it is possible to look back into millennia long past.

The story of our ancestors is probably one of the most exciting of all time. It is the story
of mankind. For decades the only evidence available to anthropologists and
archaeologists were the small amount of bones and objects left behind by our
ancestors. Hence, it was not possible to really prove the various theories of evolution. It
is only in the past 20 years that researchers have been able to use the DNA of living
people as a means of finding evidence of the migrations of their primeval ancestors.

DNA is identical to a degree of 99.9 percent for all people. The remaining 0.1% is the
source of individual differences (such as eye colour, certain risks of disease, or
deviations with no apparent function).
DNA-Genealogy makes it possible for you to research your family tree with the most modern
methods. It makes fast and exact research into your family history possible, whether as your
first venture into researching your ancestry or as a supplement to traditional genealogy.
Where traditional research into your ancestry examines birth, marriage, and death
certificates, a simple saliva sample is all that's needed for DNA-Genealogy. That's because
each of us carries with us the most important and exact set of files needed: our DNA.

What is DNA?

DNA is a molecule, that contains the genetic instructions for all of the functions and
substances of the human body. It looks like a spiral staircase. Each stair step is made up of
two bases. There are four different bases: Guanine, Thymine, Cytosine and Adenine. If
you envision the bases as coloured Lego pieces, then there would be four colours and each
step would be two-coloured.

The total DNA of a human being is called a genome. It contains the genetic instructions for
all of the functions and substances of this body. We inherit the genome from our ancestors. It
is re-combined in each generation from the genes of our parents, so that genetic traces
gradually get lost.
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