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Drawing a pedigree with Evagene Natural Pedigree Drawing
Evagene is revolutionary in letting you draw family trees directly onto your computer. It's just about the easiest way to get pedigree data onto your computer.

Let's start with the basics. A circle represents a woman, a square a man. Diamonds are people where we either don't know or don't want to declare their sex.

You don't have to be too precise - Evagene Natural Pedigree Drawing is smart enough to understand what you mean most of the time.
There's no need to "train" the computer and it doesn't matter how large or small you like to draw.

It's amazing just how quick it is to sketch a family tree with Evagene Natural Pedigree Drawing - it's almost as easy as using a pen and paper and a lot neater too.

There are a couple of simple rules to follow when drawing. First of all, make sure you draw people before their relationships. This helps the computer to work out if you're drawing symbols or connecting lines, making a selection or performing some other task.

Now we're ready to tell Evagene how these people are related to each other. Pedigree drawings use a horizontal line between two individuals to represent a marriage or other social union. So all we need to do is draw a line starting quite close to the side of either of our people and finishing quite close to the side of the other.
This brings us to our other rule. Evagene Natural Pedigree Drawing needs to know if you're trying to drag a symbol around the screen or if you're drawing something new. If a line starts anywhere inside a symbol, it starts to move that symbol around, otherwise it draws a line. So, to draw relationships, start your line just outside the symbol, not inside it. Once you've got the hang of this, you'll find Evagene a versatile, productive and maybe fun way of creating pedigrees on your computer.

As well as marriages, we can also represent parental and sibling relationships in Evagene. Parents are shown by a vertical line from either a marriage or the bottom of an individual into the top of the child.

Here we have a daughter, a mother and a father.

Siblings are shown with a horizontal line with a vertical line stemming off beneath it to each sibling.
Remember, draw the people first, then their relationships.
Let's have a brother and a sister.
So, we start with a line coming from just above the top of either sibling, it goes up, across and down again.

We can now join these siblings to a parent or marriage.

To represent twins, we draw two converging diagonal lines. To make them identical twins, simply draw a joining line between the diagonals.

If at any point you make a mistake, just scribble it out.

Behind the scenes, Evagene has not only turned our sketches and scrawls into presentable diagrams, it has also constructed a genetic model of the family. You can use this to run any of the built-in clinical decision support algorithms or even export your data for use elsewhere. Evagene Natural Pedigree Drawing - the easiest, fastest, most fun way to draw family trees on your computer.

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