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     Good day to you all.  The sun is out here and breeze is calm at the  moment.   It will probably rise up around 2:30 or 

     3 pm and get much cooler. 

     Resting my shoulder and neck, so instead of trying to read lots of fine print, I did a a bit of wandering.

      I am just getting the hang of Pinterest.  But I am learning that there is lots of free information out there that is 

      commented on differently depending on what part of the USA you may be at.  This is a good thing because it 

      stirs the brain to think differently. 

      Today I saved some very interesting pins for future resource looking.  Many free sites we never or seldom hear 

      about in this neck of the woods.  LOL, what woods, little woods here. The storms wiped many of them out changing

      the face of our communities.  Yes, it was that devastating in our area about 6-8 weeks ago.

      So as on my last visit, I shared a site no one had seen before to use for research. I am suggestion you go look at 

      some of the pins that are under Genealogy or Educating in Genealogy sites for my Pinterest site.

      Not sure this is how you access my Pinterest page but giving this a try.

      (969) Pinterest • The world’s catalog of ideas   



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Comment by Mary Ellen Rohrer Dexter on May 28, 2017 at 7:52pm

The link feature on the comment box did not work.  The link is hopefully you can copy and paste it. 

Comment by Mary Ellen Rohrer Dexter on May 28, 2017 at 7:52pm

I use pinterest to save links.  HERE is the link to my genealogy board.   I also have some boards named for surnames.  Sometimes rather than use pinterest I bookmark a site on my browser.   The link you posted in your blog took me to a site but not to your pinterest board.  




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