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 Easter and the changes.

Easter was a great event when I was small. It was still a great event as a young mother.  

I so enjoyed the getting together with Cousins, Aunts, Uncles  and friends.

As our family grew, and young adults married it was harder to get together but we did manage a few great events

with relatives and friends.  Most of my parents friends were treated equally as relatives.  We even called them Aunt

and Uncle or Grandpa and Grandma. 

We almost always played baseball, with most all partaking in the activity.  We children, youth, teens played out field and some played base positions if older.  This was a normal at 4th of July events also.

Time moved on and everyone was on different corners of the world it seemed. Involved in the Military and raising our own young. 

It seems, it was mid 60's before our trip to Hawaii ,we went home and shared time with cousins we hardly ever seen.  We had a nice crowd at Mom and Dad's. Dad's side of family mostly.

After our return from Hawaii, we again had a nice Easter at my parents, with siblings and cousins and Aunts and Uncles.

Aunt Etta always brought fresh raised strawberries for the chocolate cake we made for dessert. I was the cake baker.

Aunt Ruth did the potato salad.  Everyone brought something that was special to their family. I believe it was a salad that Nadine Scott made. A delicious jello salad if I recall correctly. 

We went home for Easter when we could as our children grew up and especially when our oldest two lived with Grandparents to help them. 

Our family then had our own Easter Egg hunts, which I never recall doing as a youth.  I remember hiding them for my young siblings as an adult.  Our children enjoyed them, the older ones hid them, the younger ones hunted them.

Never a year passed, where an egg would be found a month later very ready for the trash. 

Makes me wonder when did this Easter Egg Event start.  I have never found references to Easter Egg hunts in past family records.  I think it must be a very modern day event.

Now we are down to Great  Grandchildren (2) so it is a very quiet day for us. 

We haven't hid eggs for several years now.  We used to have an Easter brunch.  To much food for our age, so we 

had a normal breakfast.   I did boil eggs for deviled eggs for snack and bought pie the other day for dessert. 

Best Rhubarb pie we have tasted in a long time. Will make a salad and be thankful for all we have.

We miss our away family at times like this extra much.

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